Sara and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I matched on Tinder in December 2014 but meet up until January. He took me bowling for our first date and politely kicked my butt before telling me he used to be in a bowling league. After our first date, we spent all of Sunday together watching football. I was 100% comfortable with him as soon as I met him despite it being a Tinder date, I knew he was different.

Sara and Justin's Engagement in At our house

Sara's Proposal in At our house

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our house

how they asked

Fast forward 3 wonderful years together, adopting a dog and buying a house. My birthday is the 26th of February so I thought maybe something special would be coming my way on my birthday weekend. Justin spoiled me by running all the errands and cleaning the house insisting I stay home and relax on my birthday weekend. We spent Saturday with his mom, brother, and all our dogs. Once Sunday morning came around I convinced myself it wasn’t happening this weekend because who proposes on a Sunday then goes to work on Monday?

He took me out to our new favorite brunch spot close to our new house then once we got home I walked upstairs to take a nap. He called me down immediately saying our dog, Zella, was acting strange. As I walked down the stairs Justin was at the base of the steps down on one knee with Zella sitting by his side with a sign saying “WILL YOU MARRY MY DADDY?”.

I said yes though the laughing and the tears and we the 3 of us celebrated together. It was the most perfect proposal for us, in our new house, with our dog who we are both very obsessed with and just the 3 of us.