Sara and Judson

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How We Met

We are actually an outcome of the social dating app Bumble. I know, right? I had a guy friend tell me about the app over last Christmas break and so I set it to Birmingham, Alabama just to see who was there… thanks Charlie! Low and behold I came across this cute guy who I recognized from my home town, but I had never met. We matched and exchanged numbers shortly after and I can recall our whole conversation that night and what I was doing. I’ll spare you the boring details, but we spent the next 48 hours blowing up each other’s phones talking about everything under the sun. He invited me to dinner. I almost backed out 50 times. First of all, I had been studying for my FE exam and had a zit the size of Mars right in between my eyebrows #embarrassing. Second of all, online dating?

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It’s sketchy and I wasn’t sure if I should. Boy, I am sure glad I did! He thought I was beautiful despite my huge zit that we named Edith (lol it was that bad). Random fact: We realized our families were actually really close when my sister and him were young and my mom/his mom/aunts were still friends. We found lots of pictures of him with a little bowl cut at my sister’s childhood birthday parties. I’m saving those for revenge. From our first date on, we both just knew that this was it. I don’t think we talked about knowing until a few months later, but God definitely placed us in each other’s lives for a reason. He sent me Judson during a season of stress and darkness. Judson changed everything and showed me everything a godly man should be to a woman. He is my light in the dark.

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how they asked

For the past six months we have been riding around different areas looking at houses just to see our options when we are bored. We had decided on McCalla, Alabama, because it is in the middle pretty much of both of our jobs. We were never very excited about any of the neighborhoods though, until we saw one that I just fell in love with and he knew it. On a Friday he told me he wanted to go ride back through there that night and if you know me then you’ll completely expect my reaction to this. I basically pitched a fit wondering why we just HAD to do this when it was going to most likely be dark and didn’t make sense and blah blah blah. He puts it this way- I made everything as difficult as possible that night.

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I blame it on a stressful work week. Anyways, he took me to the lot I wanted to build on and told me that is where he wanted to build our home and life together but that we needed one more thing and got down on one knee. I’m sure he said something else, but honestly I was in a state of shock that it was finally happening for the next 24 hours. The following Monday we put a contract on the lot/the house we picked to be built and this Friday we got the approval from the contractor that construction will start soon!

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