Sara and Juan

how we met

On April 2nd , 2014 My life was changed for the better. My fiancé Juan and I met on Instagram. He started off by asking where I lived and if I was Cuban. From there we proceeded to get to know more of each other. From his corny pick up lines to talking on the phone for hours and hours, he asked me out on a date, and 2 weeks later I said yes. Mind you this was the first time we saw each other in person. On Saturday April 19, we went on our date and met for the first time. I was extremely nervous because I was a little afraid that he wouldn’t be himself. Not only that, but my parents were extremely strict. They knew I was going on a date, but they didn’t know it was someone who I didn’t exactly know. At the same time I was anxious, because what if it was really him? My emotions were EVERYWHERE. The feelings I had developed for him were quite strong. I was so nervous I made my sister answer the door first. She came back to my room and said “It’s really him!!!” Seeing him in person I instantly felt so many emotions, and I asked myself can I really be feeling all this? He took me to the movies, and our date was so great. He asked me to be his girlfriend, and I obviously said yes. When he took me back home he gave me a gift he bought: a necklace with two hearts and a star. From there everything went great, and my family LOVES him. He is such a respectful, responsible, sweet, humorous, good-hearted man, and nowadays it’s rare to find someone like that.

how they asked

I always told myself that when I was being proposed to I wanted my family and his family to witness such a beautiful special moment, so he remembered and did just that. My uncle and my aunt were coming down to Florida for the week, so the plan was to hang out with them and show them the beautiful places in Tampa. Friday I had planned a nice double date walking down on Riverwalk, dinner, and a movie. Little did I know, he had something else in mind.

Now if you live in Tampa and you know where the aquarium is, you know it’s a FAR walk from Riverwalk. That’s exactly where he parked at the car garage next to the aquarium, so it took forever to walk to where he proposed at. I was getting in such a cranky mood because it was extremely hot. I was sweating, my legs were tired from walking, and I almost gave up but my boyfriend, my uncle, and my aunt told me to keep walking. Eventually we got to such a beautiful view of the river and sunset, and he was telling me how much he loves me. The next thing I know, my nephew is running to us screaming “titi titi” holding a little box, and literally our whole entire family from both sides are walking to us holding their phones taking pictures and videos.

I turn around and he was on one knee with a ring and asked me if I will marry him.. Yes yes yes, a million times yes!

Special Thanks

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