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How We Met

Me and Josh had our first date at a local OKC restaurant called Republic on March 31, 2016. It had been ages since I went on a first date and I was so extremely nervous. I arrived at the restaurant first and quickly ordered a glass of wine. Out of the corner of my eye I see this amazingly handsome man in a suit walking toward me – this was my date! Me and Josh talked for almost 3 hours straight, about life, our history, our hobbies, our interests, and everything in between. I left that date feeling like I was floating straight up to cloud 9. It didn’t take long for me and Josh to fall hard for each other. After our first date we hardly spent longer than 3 days away from each other, and that was usually only dependent upon if the other was traveling and out of town. We have done more in a year than I had done in a lifetime, and on April 13, 2017 Josh got down on a knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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Josh and I have been dating for almost one year when he asked me to marry him on top of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, CO on April 13. Josh travels for work almost every week, to cities all across the US, and since he travels so much on Southwest he has earned the Southwest companion pass. The companion pass allows anyone of his choice (luckily he picked me!) to fly for free whenever he flies. This has allowed us to travel all over, and traveling randomly was not something uncommon for us to do. Two months before the proposal Josh asked me if I wanted to accompany him on a “business day trip” to Denver, CO. His “meeting” was only going to take about an hour and we would have the rest of the day to explore one of our favorite cities. I was so excited to be going to Denver because one of my best friends, that I don’t get to see very often, lives in Denver, so I texted right away to let her know we would be in town and we scheduled a breakfast date and a tour of the Coors Factory for the day.

Sara and Josh's Engagement in Boulder, CO

On April 12, the day before our Denver trip, I had confessed to Josh that I was starting to get anxious about the proposal. When would it happen? We had what felt like a million these things coming up, when would we have time for a proposal? I work full time, I just started a new job, I’m working on my masters, have a brand new puppy, I’m in a small group, etc, etc, etc. so my life is chaotic and I have to live by my planner or else my head wouldn’t stay attached. Josh reassured me not to worry, “be patient, let it happen when it’s meant to happen.” This answer (surprisingly) didn’t fly with me so I busted out my planner and told him all of the dates I “100% knew” weren’t proposal friendly dates, and I tried to narrow it down to when I thought it would happen. By the way his “work trip” to Denver was one of the days I “knew” it wouldn’t happen – because who wants to get married on a work trip? The morning of April 13 I woke up at 5 am to take a shower and get ready for our flight that left at 6:30 am.

I then realized it was also my parents 32nd wedding anniversary, I thought to myself how lucky I was to have parents that still love each other so much after 32 years. I looked over at Josh, as he was getting ready, and thought about how incredibly blessed I am to have someone who I want to spend a lifetime with too. I needed to take a breath, not worry about the proposal, and let things happen the way they were meant to be. We got all of our things ready and headed to the airport. We boarded our Southwest flight and off to Denver we flew. After arriving we had made plans to have breakfast with my friend before Josh’s “meeting,” after breakfast he was going to his “meeting” and I was going to spend more time with my friend, and then we would eventually all be meeting at the Coors Factory to do a brewery tour, have some snacks, and then head back home to Oklahoma City, OK. After Josh left, my friend asked me when I thought he would pop the question. To which I answered by whipping out my planner (again) and showing her all of the dates I “knew” it wouldn’t happen, and the dates I thought it could be.

Sara's Proposal in Boulder, CO

We shared a good laugh at my planner insanity, and talked dreams of the proposal, and then left to go explore Denver. After a few hours Josh texted me that he was out of his “meeting” and it was time to go to the Coors Factory. I mapped the directions from where me and my friend were and it looked like an easy drive, 30 minutes heading straight west out of Denver. Me and my friend got in her car and she started driving…straight north out of Denver. I was concerned because Josh is an “always on time” type and he was going to be annoyed that we were late due to my friends poor direction skills. I tried to convince her that she was lost, but she “knew where she was going.” Since I’m not a Colorado native I trusted her, and sat (nervously) in her car while we headed 30 minutes in the wrong direction. We started to drive up a mountain in Boulder, and finally I had to confront her, “Listen I know I’m not from Denver, but I am 100% sure that the Coors Factory is not on top of this mountain…” She told me “We’re taking the scenic tour, let’s just take a little hike and take some cute pictures on this mountain.” We hiked up to a beautiful spot, I was ready to smile and take a cute picture, and get back down the mountain and get to my boyfriend at the Coors Factory.

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Where I was 100% sure he was steaming and mad because we were going to be an hour late because we wanted to take “cute pics.” But this particular spot wasn’t good enough for my friend, so she told me we had to hike up even further on this mountain to find the perfect spot. Keep in mind I am in a dress and sandals, I am out of breath from the altitude, and sweating profusely from the heat. Me and my friend hike up a little further and all of a sudden I see a girl in the distance walking toward us. “Why is there another girl on this mountain dressed up and not in hiking clothes?” I thought to myself. As we got closer and closer I realize it is my roommate from Oklahoma City walking toward me. And then all of the dots connected in my brain at once and I started bawling. “What are you doing on this mountain?? Why are you here?” I repeated in between sobs.

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She told me to stop crying and keep hiking up the mountain. We hiked just a bit further and through the break in the trees I saw him, the love of my whole life, standing at the edge of this magnificent mountain. I let out some sort of squealing noise and ran down the mountain to him. I couldn’t believe this was about to happen!

Josh said some of the most incredible words I have ever heard someone say (none of which either of us remember – proposal amnesia), got down on one knee, asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, and I said YES.

I had never been more sure of anything in my entire life. Then I hear cheers and clapping in the distance and realize there are photographers in the trees documenting the whole thing – wow. After Josh got up off his knee we popped champagne and took some of the most incredible pictures I have ever taken. And agreed to start the journey toward spending our life together. It was by far, without a doubt, the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. This proposal was something I couldn’t have dreamed up if I had tried.

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