Sara and Jorge

Sara is this woman who is entrances you. She’s smart, funny, nerdy, and gorgeous. 5 years ago, she met a homeless man with her best friend at a Burger King on South Beach who had told her that her perfect match would also be a Virgo, a year later she moved to Miami to pursue her career in Architecture. As luck would have it, she couldn’t find a job in architecture and took a job as a Visual Merchandiser at the same Macy’s where I (a virgo) was working in Asset Protection. Our bosses introduced us and decided put us on the important mission of acquiring cafecito (strong cuban coffee) for our teams together. For weeks we went together and finally we decided to take lunches together. We bonded over comics, art, design, and that insatiable love for life we virgos share. I was working up the courage to ask her out when she asks, hilariously; ” Hey, I donated blood today and got free movie tickets, let’s check out Looper”. I said yes. We took in the movie and then went out to; dance, discuss politics; families, school; dreams and aspirations. Needless to say, I fell hard for this nerdy artist that night, and two years later I asked her to be with me always. She said yes. Sitting in the kid’s table at my grandparent’s house over Christmas dinner, (because even our families knew we were kids at heart), I told her all the reasons I couldn’t live without her and asked her to be mine. A few months after, we moved to Brooklyn (one of her top bucket list items) and simultaneously following our dreams and planning our dream wedding. I can’t wait for her to be my wife this October!

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