Sara and Jordan's Hot Air Balloon Proposal

How We Met

Jordan and I met while volunteering together at several church programs, activities and events. We had gone to the same church for the past 2 years or so but never met there! After we both moved to a smaller church, we finally met. We found out we had many mutual friends and connections and that we had a lot in common. We both love Jesus, enjoy traveling and seeing the world, we love learning new languages, we love meeting people from different cultures and making them feel at home in America, we watch the same TV shows, we have the same sense of humor, we like to hike just the right amount, and we like to cook together. One of my favorite dates with Jordan was our second date, which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day! I had lost a red beanie on a bus a few months earlier before we were dating and Jordan wanted to replace it for me. On Valentine’s Day, he surprised me by buying me a very similar beanie to the one I had. I had almost forgot about that beanie! And the rest is history…

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how they asked

Jordan and I went ring sizing a month or so before he proposed so he’d have an idea about my size and my preferences. During our consultation, we found out it takes 4-6 weeks for a ring to be made, so I noted the time frame the proposal would likely be within. What I didn’t know was that the ring Jordan picked out for me happened to be in stock at the store, so the game was in his favor!

Basically, I was leaving for Turkey on October 16th and I “knew” the proposal had to come after I got back from my trip because of the time frame the ring had to be made in. However, during the afternoon of October 14th, I was walking out my office building with my coworkers ready for an off-site meeting my manager had told me about a week earlier when I saw Jordan standing outside. I was very confused and as soon as I saw Jordan my coworkers bailed on me! All they said was “bye” and started walking back towards the building. I asked Jordan what he was doing here but he froze and didn’t say anything. He was going to make something up but decided he couldn’t lie to me!

So we just jumped into the car and he said we were going somewhere special. By then, I had my suspicions but I couldn’t have expected what was to come! We drove up north for 40 minutes and reached an airfield but instead of turning into the area full of planes, Jordan turned into a smaller driveway with a sign that said “Balloon Depot.” I couldn’t believe it, we were going on a hot air balloon ride!

We got there and waited around for quite a while before we drove out to an open space with the pilot and his assistant. After about 40 minutes of test balloons, anticipation, and a lot of anxiety on Jordan’s end, the pilot finally made the call and said we were going to fly! It was one of the last good days in October and he said it was very rare to fly at this time of year, but he said the wind had died down just enough for us to try. We held each end of the huge balloon while the pilot and his assistant inflated it and once it was blown up, Jordan got down on one knee and proposed and of course, I said “yes!”

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We then jumped in the hot air balloon and went on a beautiful ride in the sky to celebrate.

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