Sara and Jeremy

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How We Met

We met on! Lol, as lovely as dating is out in LA, wink wink, I wasn’t meeting the right people. So, I thought I’d give this a try. After finishing and posting a profile I went over numerous times, a few pictures started to pop up of some potential matches. The first picture that stood out to me was of this b-boy doing a break dancing freeze (pose). I thought, cool! I used to dance for a ballet company and me being super excited to have dance in common with someone, I was like…OMG, this guy will totally get me! I read his profile and to my surprise, he was the only guy who wrote what he had learned from relationships. It was refreshing to find a genuine man who could reflect on himself, and what his past experiences were. I had to email him! We messaged a few times and then it eventually progressed to him asking for my number. Yay!

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After a few long phone conversations of getting to know each other, we finally set a date to meet up! Friday night after work, he texted and said he would come pick me up. #gentleman. Now, in our talks over the phone we had discussed how we should greet each other… Awkward hug? Hand shake? Staring and just saying hi? I said I don’t know, let’s just see what happens, haha! He also weirdly asked me if I was ok with beards. I said, yeah, I like facial hair. He was like.. no no, beards! He got me thinking that this thing he apparently had was duck dynasty intense, and I reassured him I was ok with whatever he had going on. I’m sure you’ll look great! Ready to go and trying to look hot, I get a text that he’s here and walking up. I open the door and look down the stairs to make sure he’s coming up the right stair case, and there he was.. All smiles with his handsome face, sweet green eyes, and what had turned out to be a dope beard!

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We both laughed/smiled, said hi, and I noticed he was holding orchids. My favorite flower. I couldn’t believe he remembered that from my profile, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell him that I loved orchids. He started walking up the stairs and my brain starts over thinking, saying what should I do? This guy is so frickin cute, and sweet bringing me flowers. Oh, guess what I do? Instead of an awkward hug, I just KISS HIM! Ahh! It was honestly love at first sight. And when I say that it sounds so cliche, but it’s really not. It’s so hard to describe what comes over you when you feel something so warm and familiar, like you know this person. This is your person. You can’t even control your reactions! If you have a gut feeling that you know is right, you take the risk. Three and a half almost four years later, I can now call my best friend, my fiancé, and soon to be hubby! <3

how they asked

We try and go on a big trip each year to get away from the daily grind and this year we decided to visit our friends in Singapore! Visiting Bali was on my bucket list too, so we figured why not do both since it wasn’t too far away. A little romantic getaway after spending time with family and friends. Why not! August arrives and we are off to Southeast Asia! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Singapore. It is so beautiful, clean, and insanely green! We did fun things like eat at Hawker stalls trying BBQ Sting Rey, going to a natural fish spa, an orchid picking farm, and the best thing of all…where Jeremy proposed to me. On Saturday the 26th, we planned an afternoon at Gardens by the Bay, an iconic sprawling garden on hundreds of acres of reclaimed land in Singapore. It is right on the water, and everywhere you turn are stunning, unique gardens and structures. It was gorgeous!

We journeyed through the Cloud Dome, an air-conditioned garden that is essentially a giant mountain journey, through a simulated Cloud Forest. At the top of the Cloud Dome, I thought it would be nice to take a picture of the whole group against all of this lush greenery. I was calling people over, but no one was listening to me! My thought was, why isn’t anyone listening to me? Suddenly, Jeremy walks over and nervously gets down on one knee. Heart pounding and hands covering my face, I kept saying, “What are you doing?!” He said, “Well if you’d listen to me for a second…Sara Tull, I’m trying to ask you to marry me.” I was at a loss of words. I had started to cry because I was so surprised, so happy, and so grateful that he was finally asking the big question! He told me he loved me and then asked one more time – will you marry me?

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With everyone in the Cloud Dome watching us, I started to nod my head yes, but then he funnily said, “I’m gonna need verbal confirmation from you.” We laughed together and then I blurted out, YES! Crowd cheering, crying and laughing all at the same time, he pulled out the most beautiful vintage, rose gold diamond ring. He was holding onto it so tightly because he didn’t want to drop it through the walkway grates we were standing on.

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After many kisses and hugs, he slipped this stunning vintage ring on my finger. I had seen it before, but told me it wasn’t available. Butthead, it totally was! Looking happily at Jeremy, I needed to take a few seconds to soak it all in. Getting engaged is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Those looks, those emotions are so big and so real, and it’s incredibly special to actually be able to relive that exact moment. So I want to thank Leah Aldous, the amazing photographer and friend, who captured those moments that I will cherish forever!

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We ended the night with a light show that the big Super Trees put on at the grove. It literally felt like you were in an avatar movie! Then a surprise stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, some cocktails, and a relaxing infinity pool overlooking the entire city! #bestdayever

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Special Thanks

Leah Aldous
 | Photographer