Sara and James

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How We Met

Short story: We met in a bar one year ago. Long story: I (Sara) went out with two friends who had just started dating and were getting more serious. I wanted to get to know the guy my friend was dating. We went to Third Street Bar in Detroit. My friend and I did a lap around the bar and didn’t see any cute guys for me, (which my fiancé likes to comment, he was “in the bathroom” at that time), so we started to play darts. My friend’s boyfriend (now they are engaged!), said he was going to go find a guy for me. We laughed it off until about 10 minutes later he returned with James, my now fiancé. One year later, we are engaged. Cupid is real.

how they asked

For about 3 months James involved my whole family in planning the engagement. He asked my Dad and made sure to tell my Mom, Brother, and two Sisters and get them to help plan. My Mom and his Mom helped design the ring from Wachler Diamonds in Birmingham, MI. The proposal day was Friday, May 11th. We were all in Boone, NC for my Sister’s graduation from Appalachian State University.

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Boone is a beautiful place and when we visit we go hiking a lot. Weeks before, he devised a plan and had my Sisters go “location scouting” for the perfect mountaintop. I was told to pack cute hiking clothes for the weekend and look nice for photos as it was all going to be captured (we take lots of family pictures normally). Luckily I had my hair looking decent from the day before- threw in some dry shampoo- and we were off!

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We hiked up as a family to the most beautiful sprawling rock at an overlook of the mountain. That’s where the family pictures began. James and I were the last to take our couple photos. After we took a few he grabbed my arms and said, “A year ago I said I love you for the first time….” and then I blacked out as he dropped down on one knee in front of my whole family.

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Then my Dad popped champagne and brought out flutes from my Mom’s backpack and we toasted our engagement on the top of Beacon Height’s trail. After the hike, my parents whisked everyone away to a luncheon with a private chef and wonderful wine at a stunning luxury B&B. I’ll never forget how James involved my whole family and orchestrated everything flawlessly. I was proposed to on top of a mountain and felt on top of the world.

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