Sara and Jake

Sara and Jake's Engagement in Hartville Ohio

How We Met

We met on October 11, 2016, through mutual friends. We lived roughly 1.5 hours apart but that didn’t stop us. Jake has recently graduated from the police academy & somehow knew an officer from the town neighboring my hometown, and they knew my best friend! I got a text that said “hey, this is Jake….from State Farm” and the rest is history! We spent the next THREE MONTHS, talking & texting all day every day. He was going through the hiring process for his department & we wanted to focus on that before meeting in person. Our first date was January 26, 2017 and we started seeing each other weekly. By March he was officially sworn into the Sheriff’s office he now works for and we’ve been best friends since then. Over the next 2.5 years we grew closer, some might say inseparable. Jake became my best friend and my rock. He was there for me when we lost my grandmother unexpectedly in April of 2018. I lost my biggest fan, and one of my role models. Everything changed but he was always there for me. Though we had been dating for a couple of years, he never got the chance to meet her. He knew how much she meant to me and did everything he could to help me through it. We adopted a puppy, vacationed all over, and eventually moved in together. Then in September 2019 I lost my grandpa. He had been struggling with dementia & just became sick. Losing my grandparents really hit hard because I knew they would never see me get married, or meet my children. Jake really helped me through this and I knew that he was the one God intended for me to be with. Talking about marriage was easy for us but I had no idea how soon that would be a reality.

How They Asked

A couple of weeks prior to “the day” Jake had told me his sister Kate wanted to go to a corn maze. We planned on going with all his siblings and their significant others, just like we did last fall. I remember telling Jake that our corn maze date (although we came in last) was my favorite date we’ve been on. We arrived at the winery that the maze was at, and it was closed. So following his sister’s idea, we decided to go to another one across town. As we were going through, Jake got a phone call from his brother saying they made it out…we continued on…until he got another call from his sister saying that they too, had made it out.

So that was it, another year, another loss (or so I thought). As we reached the exit, I see them all standing there to greet us (and make fun of us for losing another year in a row)! What I didn’t realize was this was it. Jake looked at me, said “I’ve been planning this for a couple of weeks. But I’ve actually been planning this for a while because I’ve known I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you” I instantly was in shock but then Jake got down on one knee and said something that made me lose it. Jake pulls out a blue velvet box and says “with your grandmother’s ring. Will you marry me?”

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And as I looked, there was my grandmother’s wedding ring. I cried & instantly said yes!! Little did I know, that wasn’t the only surprise of the night! To celebrate we decided to go back to the winery (the original maze we were going to do) and when we got there, we went to the barn on the property and there were my parents, and Jake’s parents ready to greet us and celebrate. Having my parents there, seeing my mom & dad while having my grandmother’s ring on my finger was something I will never be able to truly describe.

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We took pictures, laughed, cried and celebrated. We all decided to go into the winery to get a celebratory drink, as we were walking in I FaceTimed my brother who was currently on his honeymoon! As we were talking, I walk into the winery and the place erupts into applause. I look up from the phone and there, in front of me we’re 30-35+ of our family & friends there to celebrate. I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect night, and I cannot wait to marry my best friend. And through all this the best part? My grandparents are with me every single day!