Sara and Ian

How We Met

Like a real modern couple, Ian and I met on OkCupid in January 2015. Our first date was at The Marlay House, a cute little half-divey half-not bar in Decatur, GA. Neither of us was seriously looking for love, but that night – over a few Miller High Lifes – we quickly realized that we’d gracefully stumbled across something very special. The first few weeks of our relationship were spent in a haze of vegetarian cooking, good beer, lots of amazing music, mushroom foraging, and laughing. Over three years later, that’s still what our world consists of, although now we occasionally supplement homemade margaritas into the mix.

How WE asked

An important distinction here – WE actually proposed to each other. It became apparent fairly quickly into our relationship that this was going to be a permanent situation. Quite frankly, before I met Ian, I was skeptical that I would meet someone that I actually genuinely liked enough to want to spend the rest of my life with (or even move in with)… And then Ian appeared! Around six months in, we decided to do a little shopping – Ian bought me a raw sapphire engagement ring from Erica Weiner, and I bought him a carefully-selected vintage engagement watch.

We kept our purchases close at hand until we felt that the moment was right.In the wee hours of December 26th, 2015, a little drunk and very full of love, we decided that it was time. We sat on our bed, facing each other, and took turns asking each other to marry us.

It was intimate, relaxed, and a completely shared experience – which was exactly what we wanted. As our decision to get engaged was more about making a commitment to each other rather than having a wedding, we weren’t in a rush to get hitched. But – we are! – and our wedding is in October of this year (2018). We couldn’t be more excited!

Special Thanks