Sara and Giovanni

How They Asked

This past December was our five year anniversary. I am an arts administrator for a big contemporary art museum here in Miami, and every year the city throws a week-long celebration of Art, Miami Art Week, which is a huge component of my job. The perfect distraction! We made plans to have dinner that evening, so my partner drove me to work that day. A crazy busy day of running around from art fair to art fair goes by and when I text him that I’m ready to be picked up that evening he tells me to please wait a few minutes and then get in a Lyft to an address he’ll provide. He wants to “show me something.” Okaaay… weird! But it’s our anniversary, so maybe he had something planned. I get into a car and begin getting super nervous! When I arrive I finally realize where I am – the very first art space we ever visited together when I first came to Miami almost five years ago to the day to visit him.

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He opens the door wearing a suit jacket and my heart nearly stopped! He brings me inside and walks me towards the back of the gallery. He explains how he first fell in love with me among these walls and realized that all he “wanted to do in life was visit art galleries and museums and look at beautiful things with me….” And then he got down on one knee in front of this beautiful sculptural art of multi-colored arches (Passage aller-retour by artist Daniel Buren) and asked me to be his wife. It was truly the happiest moment of my life so far. We were both smiling and crying so much that he forgot to put the ring on my finger! When he finally did we kissed again and then he pointed behind me. “And look, Natalie’s here!” It turned out that our dear friend, Natalie, who is a professional photographer, had been hiding the entire time and photographing the entire thing. It was absolutely perfect.

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Special Thanks

Natalie Cervera
 | Photographer