Sara and Giacomo

How We Met

Giacomo and I are known 9 years ago at a party..we were talking up in the morning and the attraction was taken right away! From there began our love story..a young, sincere, reckless love. We grew up together, we shared the most beautiful things, we faced obstacles and reached important goals with the strength of our love.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lago di Tenno

how they asked

Giacomo has organized everything secretly with Valerio, our incredible photographer. It had to be just a photo shoot in a beautiful location…instead, arrived there at dawn, he handed me a letter and as soon as finished reading It he was there in front of me kneeling with the ring in his hand. I couldn’t believe It! I Guess I didn’t understand anything for half an hour…and of course, I said YES!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lago di Tenno

Sara's Proposal in Lago di Tenno

Sara and Giacomo's Engagement in Lago di Tenno

Special Thanks

Valerio Di Domenica