Sara and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I met via social media, instagram actually! I happened to come across one of his photos in the explore tab and liked it. This later turned into a couple weeks of liking pictures back and forth on instagram, we had no idea where one another lived, and we had never met. Low and behold when we scrolled through one another’s instagrams we both lived in Michigan, within 10 miles of one another. What are the chances? I had gone out with some friends ans decided to message him, and from that point forward we were inseperable. We had a quick whirlwind story, we met in September, began dating in October, just over a year later we were engaged in October, and we will be married October 27, 2018!

how they asked

Let me clarify, I said no to this proposal initially, but at least I said yes finally, whoopsie! I had always told Eric whenever we talked about getting engaged that I would know, but I never in a million years saw it coming. We went to visit Eric’s cousin in Grand Valley, for a Halloween party and Eric really wanted to take me to see the light house in Grand Haven a short drive away. A group of us went, and I had no idea some of our friends knew what was about to happen. Of course like any well thought out plan something had to go wrong, the lighthouse was closed for renovations this day, but we drove out there we figured we’d adventure on the pier and big rocks by the water.

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I climbed onto big boulders by the water looking at people surfing, and start taking pictures because well its not everyday you see people surfing in Michigan. As I’m taking pictures, one of our friends is offering me candy, I said no thanks. Eric is then climbing onto the boulders offering me candy in a coffin shaped box, it’s Halloween so why think anything of it? He keeps asking if I want candy and I keep saying no to the point where in my video I’m yelling no, I felt terrible about this after the fact. Suddenly I look down in the little coffin filled with Hershey kisses a beautiful, perfect diamond ring sitting in the middle. Eric plucks the ring out and slowly gets down on one knee and all that I could get out of my mouth was “oh my god, are you serious?!”

Eric told me he loved me and couldn’t imagine spending life without me. I just was in shock and shaking, my first question was didnyou ask my dad? Which of course he did, because he knew how important that was for me. I am just so grateful for this incredible man.

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