Sara and Dekota

How We Met

I never thought it would take losing my best friend to find another. I also never planned on the worst day of my life turning into what will be my greatest, and lead to even more spectacular moments.

Brandon told me that Sara Park girl was wife material. It’s something I never listened to until he was no longer there to keep giving me advice.

On one of the only nights I wasn’t with Brandon, I lost him. Only three days before my 21st birthday, my best friend died in his sleep. That’s when the phone calls, texts, and messages of support kept my phone on a constant vibration. These names I knew from stories and only knew me the same way, but now, all of a sudden, losing our only connection is what brought us together.

I’m not sure I even knew what Sara looked like until I looked at her profile picture after she sent me a message. It matched Brandon’s description: gorgeous, blonde, probably out of my league. But she had plenty of images of me, most of which still make me wonder how she ever found me attractive. I made the type of faces you make when your buddy tells you he’s taking a Snapchat to send to someone you don’t know.

Thankfully, the pictures Sara have of me today are better because she’s in them, too. Her sharing that first set of screenshots led to more conversations, then to a four-hour Facetime chat the first time we ever heard the other’s voice. And for some reason, she had enough faith in Brandon’s judgment to make the trek from Bedford, Texas, to Stillwater, Oklahoma, to meet me and eat some cheese fries at Eskimo Joe’s. I’m sure Brandon had been right plenty of times while we ate at Stillwater’s iconic restaurant, but none more than he was right then, without even physically being in the room.

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Brandon is who brought me and Sara together, and the one that keeps us together. Extra help is necessary when you’re in a relationship with someone four hours away. Like a guardian angel when Sara is in a car accident with a semi-truck during one of her four-hour trips to see me. Almost losing another best friend is what made me realize I wanted her in my life forever. And so on November 22nd, I got down on one knee to make that happen, and on June 16, 2018, it will happen.

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