Sara and David

How We Met

I’ve known David for years but we only became close in the past couple of years. My brother dove on the swimming and diving team at the University of Pittsburgh and David swam. They were close, but not best friends so I only knew David in passing. In the summer of 2015, I went to a barbecue at his house and I think we said maybe three words to each other! Two years later in 2017, I was out at a bar with some friends. I saw him but didn’t say hi because I didn’t think he remembered me. Turns out he did! A mutual friend mentioned that he wanted to take me on a date and I said: “that’s Tyler’s weird tall ginger swimming friend, I could never.” The next weekend was a swimming and diving reunion and I found myself hanging out with David at the bar. A couple of the guys had left their backpacks at my place so we all went back to my house. The night went on and everyone else left. David and I stayed up talking until 7:30 am! I’m pretty sure that I fell in love with him that night but didn’t want to admit it to myself until many months later. It turns out that going on a date with Tyler’s weird tall ginger swimming friend was one of the best choices I would ever make!

how they asked

Every Tuesday is date night for me and David. I didn’t think it was strange when he said he wanted to take me to a new restaurant. I let him drive and instead of taking me to the restaurant he took me on a trip down memory lane. We went to the place of our first date, the places we said I love you, the place he asked me to be his girlfriend and the first apartment we lived in together. Then he suggested we go to Mount Washington to take pictures and grab a drink.

After all, my grandma wanted photos for her wall. We went to the top of the Mount Washington and he put his arm around me and mentioned how beautiful it was, but said it wasn’t as beautiful as me. Then he said before we take a picture there was something else. I felt his hand pull away and when I turned around, he was down on one knee. I cried so much that I forgot to give him my hand for the ring.

Special Thanks

Josh Gulden