Sara and Daniel

Sara and Daniel's Engagement in Windows deck on Vail mountain

How They Asked

It was Daniel’s birthday and we went skiing at Vail. He took me over to a beautiful lookout and wanted to me to take off my skis walk out onto the deck. I looked over at the deck and there was a bottle of champagne and glasses sitting on the picnic table. I said to him “Oh no we can’t go over there, I think someone is about to get engaged here!” He said, “No it’s fine, let’s go!” I said “Dan don’t you see that champagne… I really think something is about to happen here!” He looked at me smiling and said: “Well what if I said that was for us.” I pretty much blacked out from there on out. Best day ever.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Windows deck on Vail mountain

Special Thanks

Parker Lathrop
 | Photographer