Sara and Dan

How We Met: Dan and I met whenI was student teaching in my undergraduate program. In order to earn some money I started babysitting after school.

I noticed a guy who lived next door who would constantly find reasons to come over and talk to us or read a book outside with us on a nice day. When he finally had enough courage to ask me to dinner I was shy and said no.

Image 1 of Sara and Dan

He didn’t give up and after 2 months of asking I finally caved in and here we are 5 years later getting married.

how they asked: He told me we were going to a restaurant in the city for a”Dinner in the Dark” event.

Upon arriving to the restaurant we were blindfolded and guided in to our seats where we were greeted with champagne and what I thought at the time was soup.

Image 2 of Sara and Dan

After about 10 minutes of failing to get anything on my spoon Dan told me to take my blindfold off.

Little did I know I was the only one in the room blindfolded and 30 of my family and friends were in tears and Dan was on one knee.

Image 3 of Sara and Dan