Sara and Curtis

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How We Met

Curtis and I met in the fall of our Freshman year of college. We had both recently joined Greek life on campus. Every fall, Curtis’s fraternity throws their annual event “Beta Breakfast”, where the pledges of his fraternity are randomly paired up with a new member of a sorority to get to know each other over breakfast. As luck would have it, Curtis and I were randomly paired together. I would be lying if I said it was love at first sight and that we hit it off immediately. The conversation was fine but rather unmemorable. When the half-hour event was over we went our separate ways and didn’t speak again – until two and a half years later.

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Fast forward to our Junior year, I had recently been elected president of my sorority. It was spring semester and my sorority sisters and I were looking forward to one of the most anticipated events of the year, Greek Week. We ended up being partnered with two fraternities that year, one of which was Beta, who’s president happened to be none other than Curtis.

Since I was president (and I just really liked Greek Week) I was involved in all the events and parties that week – as was Curtis. What began with discussions about coming up with a strategy that would lead our team to victory turned into Curtis and I got to know one another. Almost every night we looked up from our conversation and realized we were the last two people at the party. It only took me until about Tuesday of that week to realize I had a massive crush on Curtis and that I just had to ask him to our upcoming formal.

Sara's Proposal in Paris, France

On Friday, Greek Week had come to an end and Greek Row had gathered together for the award ceremony in which the winner of the week’s events would be revealed. The anticipation was building – it was between us and another team with only a few points between us. Our team erupted in cheers when we were announced the winner and Curtis threw his arm around me in excitement.

Our team threw a wild party that night to celebrate our big win. I figured if I was going to ask Curtis to formal, this was my last chance and lucky for me, he said yes. We shared our first kiss that night in a frat house basement (the epitome of romance, I know). We dated for about a month before we became exclusive and have been together ever since.

Sara and Curtis's Engagement in Paris, France

How They Asked

Curtis has always knocked it out of the park when it comes to giving gifts. Last Christmas was no exception when he gifted me a trip to Paris! Our trip took place over my birthday week this past June. It was my first time in Paris and it was better than I could have ever imagined.

Our first two days were filled with visiting the Louvre, Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, and consuming way too much wine and cheese. My birthday was the third day of our trip, so on the second night, Curtis told me he was ready to give me my birthday present. He handed me a pink envelope which contained a birthday card with colorful macaroons on it. Inside was a heartfelt message that ended with “I have arranged for a photographer to take our pics around Paris.” I was always commenting that we didn’t have enough good pictures together, so this was the perfect present!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Between going to bed late and getting up very early to meet the photographer at sunrise, I didn’t sleep at all – I was just too excited! The photographer and her assistant met us and we walked to Trocadéro. We took a few photos of us together and then our photographer asked to take some photos of me alone. While I was distracted, Curtis got the ring out of our backpack. The photographer had Curtis join me once again and gave him the cue. Curtis looked at me and began his speech and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was overwhelmed with joy when I said “Yes!”

Our “photoshoot” turned into our engagement photo session. We took more pictures at Trocadéro as well as a couple of other locations in Paris.

On top of it all, this perfect day was only just beginning. Once we finished with pictures we went to the top of the Eiffel tower, as we had previously planned. Afterward, Curtis asked if I was hungry and surprised me with a romantic picnic for the two of us in the park. When we were done eating our weight in baguettes, we headed back to the hotel room. I opened the door to see the final surprise of the day: rose petals, candles, and balloons scattered all over the room (and champagne of course!).

After calling our friends and family with the good news (and taking a much needed nap) we went out for a gorgeous dinner and cocktails, and then stood by the river and watched the Eiffel tower light up and sparkle. It was absolutely the most perfect day and the perfect start to the rest of our lives.

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