Sara and Cristian

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How We Met

Cristian and I met at work. We both worked in retail as Loss Prevention but at separate locations. My job had district meetings every so often so all the near by Loss Prevention associates would come together. Cristian and I never said a word to each other at the meetings until I had a work related problem. I had contacted everyone I knew and they all told me to just give Cristian a call because he’s the only who could help me with my problem. Since that one fateful phone call, we haven’t stopped talking. Over a year later and we are engaged!

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how they asked

On Valentine’s Day of 2017, my boyfriend Cristian surprised me with plane tickets to visit my family in California. Due to work and school, I haven’t been able to be around my family for over four years. Cristian knew how much I missed them so he decided we should take a visit during my spring break. On March 19th 2017, my family, Cristian, and I went to Corona Del Mar for a beach day. We all decided to go up the rocks overseeing the beach because it’s a beautiful sight. I didn’t notice I was leading the way and when I got on top of the biggest rock, Cristian told me I had dropped something.

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When I turned around, he was down on one knee. He asked me if I would marry him with all my family behind him except my mother who was back home in Chicago. I was looking for my phone to call her, but I started hearing her say I’m here! I saw her running up the rocks to come congratulate us! My now fiancé had made sure my mom was in town for the proposal and made sure all my family was in on his plans so it could be special for everyone! It was truly an emotional and amazing moment!

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