Sara and Connor

How We Met

We first met in our freshman year of undergrad at UAH. We both had mutual friends that we hung out with from time to time, but for the longest time I only knew Connor as the cute guy in the corner with the camo visor and stunning blue eyes… he was so quiet! Time passed and we got to know each other better as our roommates all became closer and as we started to realize we all went to Cru (a Christian organization) on campus on Tuesday nights. He was the drummer for the worship band, and my roommates and I would rush from basketball practice to get there on time. Soon, we were all having movie nights after Cru every Tuesday and all hanging out together often. Connor was the guy who would hold the door open for all of us, go out of his way to invite me over to hang out with everyone when I wasn’t travelling with the basketball team, and who would never complained when we insisted on watching Pitch Perfect for the 25th Tuesday in a row.

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Weiss Lake

Needless to say, he quickly became one of my closest guy friends. As sophomore year began and our schedules lined up more with each others than our own roommates, we became even closer. We began watching all of Andy Griffith together. Both of us had grown up watching it with our dads and enjoyed the show, as well as the nostalgia that came with rewatching every episode. Fast forward to the end of sophomore year when my basketball team had just gotten knocked out of the tournament bringing a premature close to our season. Connor had texted me to ask if I was okay while I was in the car with my parents and twin sister on the way to dinner.

Somehow, my parents’ questioning if we were more than just friends turned into us becoming more than just friends, and we went on our first date shortly after. With bouquet of roses in hand, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend in the Walmart parking lot over the summer (because I had ruined the surprise). Through all of the struggles of college and playing sports while in college (as well as the injuries that came with it), and the epic question of “what’s next?”, we were a huge part of each other’s support system. I remember always telling my roommates when the subject came up, and even Connor once after a break up, that he was going to make some girl incredibly lucky one day; I had never even imagined in those years of friendship that God’s plan was for me to be that lucky girl.

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how they asked

It had all started sophomore year of college when I asked one of my friends to come watch Andy Griffith with me. Sara grew up watching it with her dad as did I, and I knew she would want to watch it. This one time thing turned into a semester of watching TV friendship, and what started as a friendship ended up being the romance of a life time. Fast forward two and a half years later, and I’m telling my parents that I love her even though I haven’t told her yet (we had decided early on in our relationship that we didn’t want to say it until we absolutely knew we meant it) and that I wanted to marry her. My parents agreed that she was a keeper and that I get on it. So a few months later we went on a trip with her parents. I decided it was probably the best time to ask them; I just had to wait for the right time. While Sara was in the bathtub taking a long bubble bath, I walked out on the porch to ask her parents.

They were overjoyed and said they were so happy to have me in the family – a resounding yes. Then began the planning and saving for the proposal. I did everything I could from detailing cars and cutting grass to substitute teaching at local schools in order to save enough money to buy a ring and make everything happen. I already had a place picked out. When I was 10 my dad took me fishing near a waterfall on Lake Weiss, and I decided then that’s where I was going to propose to my future wife. This beautiful place was only an hour and a half from my home. I told Sara we were going knee-boarding with my friends, as we do every summer, to keep her from being suspicious. I told her one of my buddies had gotten a new camera and wanted to take pictures before we started, so we were going to this new place that had a waterfall. I told Sara she needed to dress nice for the pictures and then pack a swimsuit to change into after. She didn’t suspect a thing.

The day before the big day, my mother and two sisters took her to get mani/pedis. Sara thought she was just getting some quality girl time, but I knew she’d want her nails done before posing for pictures of the ring once this was all over. The big day finally came. We went to Lake Weiss and parked the boat near the base of the waterfall and walked up near it. I got her in place and my buddy started pretending to take pictures. Then I turned to her and said that I had chosen this day to be the special time that I said the three words that had never been said in our relationship because I wanted it to mean something.

I wanted my actions to show that I loved her and would be willing to die for her. I wanted my love for her to be representative of the love that God shows us – unconditional and unrelenting. Then I said, “Sara I love you” as I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

After she said yes, I let her know that my friend’s camera was fake, but one of my sisters was hiding behind us capturing the whole thing. I then told her there was one more surprise and pointed down by the water where the was an extra boat by ours carrying both of our families, the people I knew she’d desperately want to share this moment with.

They were able to see the whole thing and were screaming and hollering by the time she was able to see them. We got to spend the rest of the day celebrating and messing around on the lake. It truly was the greatest day of my life, and as she told me, it was perfect. That’s all I could ever ask for.