Sara and Cole

How We Met

Cole and I have the best story ever (or at least that’s what I think) ;-) Cole’s sister-in-law, Madison, has actually been my best friend for the past 8 years. I was in her and her husband’s (Cole’s brother!!) wedding, and that’s how Cole and I met. We reconnected over the next few years after seeing each other at parties/hangouts, and when we were both single, we decided to give things a try. It sounds cliche, but we both truly knew from our first date that we loved each other and wanted to be together forever! I remember us talking later after exchanging “I love you’s” and talking about a future that he told me the exact moment he knew on our first date how he felt – and I shared a similar moment, too! And bonus – my best friend and I are now going to be SISTERS!!! Is that the dream or what??

How They Asked

We had a date planned since Christmas to take a painting class. Cole told me after we had finished painting that he wanted to go home and get London, our golden retriever, and take her to the park and then to dinner with us. I didn’t think much of it until we got to the park and it was freezing – I also had to go to the bathroom and Cole kept saying “let’s just keep walking!” He reminded me of our walk that day was the anniversary of our first date; when we walked back around the corner towards our car, on two easels were pictures painted of us (which is why he had chosen that park, because we had the picture he had painted taken there!), and then one painted of two puppies – London, and our new golden retriever, Georgia!! We had decided months ago we wanted to get another puppy after we got married and I was FLOORED!

A puppy was always my idea of a “perfect proposal!” I turned around and started bawling when I saw him carrying our new puppy. He got down on one knee, and… FUNNY FACT, London was so excited to see the new puppy that she ran into Cole and he dropped the ring!! But don’t worry, we found it, and the tears/hugs/laughter/kissing ensued. Our moms were there to celebrate us as well as my bestie (and future sis!), Madison, who took all the pictures!

Little did I know, after the proposal and taking the pups back to the house, Cole had a dinner planned with all of our family and friends – it was truly the most wonderful night, celebrating the rest of my life with my cutie boy!!

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Special Thanks

Madison Barlow
 | Photographer
Monica Partida
 | Paintings