Sara and Christian

Sara and Christian's Engagement in Columbia, SC

How We Met

Christian and I met in High School, however at the time we were dating each others best friends. We kept in touch over the years as friends and nothing ever transpired because he was far away. For 3.5 years after high school he was stationed in Hawaii. Every so often I would see on FB that he was home, I would message him saying casual things such as “Hey, I see you’re in town. We should catch up.” Timing was against us, because we never got a chance to meet up. On January 5th, 2016, I saw he was home again. I decided to FB message him and see if he was free. We went back and forth on FB messenger for a few days trying to figure out a time to catch up. On January 8th, we found a time that worked out well for the both of us, so we went on our first date and the rest was history.

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Background Story: On our first date (which at first we both thought was just two old high school friends catching up), he came and picked me up from my house and we went to the movie “The Big Short”. Halfway through the movie, I was completely lost and I could tell that he was too. I tapped his shoulder and said, ” Hey, do you like milkshakes?” He nodded and I proceeded to say ” Well, do you want to ditch this movie and go get milkshakes?” He said yes. We left the movie and went to the local cookout for shakes. After we got the shakes, we decided to drive around town catching up on what each of us were doing for the past 3.5 years. We ended up on a small bench on the green (which is a green field where people play football, soccer, etc.). We sat there in the freezing cold and he decided to put his arm around me and just continue to talk. We then were then frozen enough, so we went back to his truck and drove around some more. He put over his radio Frank Sinatra’s “Fly me to the moon”. Now, there’s a part in the song where he sings “in other words, hold my hand”. In that moment, he grabbed my hand and right then and there I knew I found my husband.

After spending 11 months together, things were going better than ever. On the morning of January 8th 2017, he wakes me up and says “Hey, I want you to pack an over night bag. We are going to Columbia for the night to spend the day in the city where we fell in love.” I was very chill about the situation not even thinking an engagement was to ensue. Once we get to Columbia, he looks at me and says “I want you to trust me for today and promise to just go along with everything.” We proceeded to pinky finger swear and continue on. He drives up to my house and begins to recreate our first date. He asks me to get out of the car and he comes and picks me up. From there we go to the movies, walk-out AGAIN (this time I was a little more upset because I really enjoyed the movie), we go and pick up milkshakes and drive around. We end up at the green again and sit on the same bench. As he puts his arm around me, he tells me that this past year has been amazing and quotes his favorite bible verse which is, “Corinthians 13:13, And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” He then gets down on one knee and asks if I will marry him.

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Of course I say yes and I stand up from the bench and give him a hug and I see a girl taking a photo of us. Confused, I asked “Why is that girl taking our photo?” He remembered that I had once said, If and when the moment comes (engagement) one main thing I want is someone there to capture the moment, so he went and hired a photographer to capture the special moment. I then see my two best friends running across the green to embrace me with hugs.He had them in on it too! Everyone was in on it and I had NO idea. It was a magical day.

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