Sara and Chris

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How We Met: Chris and I met in medical school. We were assigned to the same group of eight students for our problem based learning class. I had never met Chris before, but was impressed with his “daily practice question.” We had lab together every Tuesday, which is when Chris says that I first caught his attention. He said that there was something about me that sparked his interest and he wanted to get to know me. He emailed me four times about studying together. He included his phone number in each email and after the fourth time, I finally decided to study with him. After all, I was impressed with his practice questions and could use another “study buddy.” We spent many hours studying, became best friends, matched in Buffalo, NY for clinical rotations, and fell in love.

how they asked: Chris’s family was visiting from Boston and we had taken my dog to the park in the morning. We had plans to stop at a winery in the afternoon. I was in the shower and when I was finished, Chris and his family had disappeared. He left me a note saying “I am sorry to have left you, check your cell.” I had a text from Chris informing me that he left a letter for me in his top drawer. The letter instructed me to be ready for dinner by 4:45 and I would receive further instructions in the limo, but I may want to paint my nails before I left. When the limo pulled up to my house, I found a dozen long stem roses and calla lilies (my favorite flowers) scattered over the seats. The roses had notes attached with reasons why Chris loves me. The calla lilies had some of our favorite memories on them.

Damien (the best limo driver in the world) pulled into the marina at Canalside in Buffalo. Chris greeted me at the limo, and we walked to the lake. He asked me if I had read the letter in the limo, which I had missed while I was sobbing over the flowers. He told me that the letter was everything he wanted to say to me because he knew he would be nervous when I arrived. He got down on one knee and nervously spilled his heart, I said yes and told him to stand up, and Damien filmed the entire thing.

We then went to the first restaurant we had eaten at in Buffalo, where his family was waiting for us. To my surprise, my parents had made the trip to Buffalo as well! I have never been more surprised and thrilled in my entire life.

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