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how we met

We met through a set-up! A mutual friend knew that we both went to church and told each of us how great the other was so she gave Chase my number. He texted me and I was SO not into it. I hate trying to get to know someone over texting. A week went by and he asked to finally meet. We agreed upon Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I almost didn’t go. Set-ups had never worked before so why now? I went. Free breakfast and an hour tops is what I told myself. When we ordered, I had ordered extra butter and syrup for my French toast and he gaped at me! I thought “Crap! I already screwed it up!” After the waitress left, I asked why he was looking at me like that and his response was “That was the hottest thing you could have said.” The rest of the conversation that lasted 3 hours had the Lords hand on it. He blessed the conversation so much that leaving the breakfast I texted my sister saying, “I think I just met the one!” The next night is when I knew God had designed this amazing man for me.

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how they asked

Throughout our relationship, God has truly walked before us. We knew early on we didn’t want to wait a long time to get married because we knew it had been ordained. For our four month anniversary he wanted to plan everything himself. I had my suspicions but everyone kept squashing them so I had no idea. He set up a reservation at a nice sea food restaurant very early. So early that when we got there, there were maybe 3 or 4 TAKEN tables. We sat down had a great meal that didn’t last very long, all the while Chase is acting so strange. Very excited, giddy and super fidgety. I was starting to get frustrated. We got our bill and it took him 10 minutes to just put his card down. We get that back and he starts playing with the pen… What the heck?! I’m ready to go! We had already decided we were going to go to his family farm to watch the sunset and I wanted to get there! After several other tries to delay us even more we finally leave for the farm.

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We start pulling into the drive and there are two people with cameras videoing us, I start to feel the butterflies. I’m still confused though, and he gets out of his truck as they start to mic him up and he gets back into the truck and says “who are those people, I’ve never seen them before!” We pull up and park and walk around this huge field of weeds and I see two rows of our family and friends holding sunflowers. I lose it. We walk toward them and I hug each person and take the flower. People from all over were there. People who live down the road but also people who live hours and states away.

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As I see each person standing there for us, a new wave hits me. We finally get down the line and there is a gazebo set up with lights and decorations. He points to the table and tells me first about the basket full of cards that people who were there and even people who weren’t wrote us letters, telling us how much they love us.

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He next pointed to the cross. My daddy made it. And my family had been praying over it. Tears are rolling. Chase then started to talk about how the Lord has led us to this place and how He will continue to lead us through our lives. He exclaimed his love for me and got down on one knee and asked to marry me!

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We then took communion that was also on the altar. After I said yes and we had finished praying, our friends and family joined us in our celebrating!

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