Sara and Carlos

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How We Met

Carlos & I met on an excursion in Spain a long time ago…around 8 years ago. Spain is a very special place for both of us from that moment on. It has always had a special place in our hearts and now, it has even bigger importance to us. We met unexpectedly at one beach bar, while I was having a drink with my besties. I went to the bar to get us one more round of drinks and there was him…He looked so gorgeous that I couldn’t hold my smile. So, when he saw that he approached me and that’s how our story began. And ever since, we have been inseparable.

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How They Asked

This is a very international couple: the groom came from Singapore and the bride from England, but they were going to meet in Barcelona! And the groom knew that this trip was the perfect time to carry out this marriage proposal in a historic venue.

They arrived in Barcelona to enjoy a vacation time and the groom wanted to take advantage of his Christmas trip to our country to take a knee, chose a beautiful place near Gerona to ask his girl the big question, so he proposed to the bride to go visit a charming place. The bride did not imagine what she was going to find when she arrived!

We had everything ready for her arrival, and in Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, there is nothing we can’t resist, since this place doesn’t organize proposals, we were able to organize this event there. We found a day and time to rent the place and organize the proposal in style.

Without further ado… We’ll tell you how the proposal went for this couple was full of emotion and how we organized everything to set the scene.

Take a seat, and take note!

Catalonia is the favorite destination for marriage proposals

Yes, today’s bride and groom had very clear that it could not be any other place than Catalonia for their proposal and that in addition to its good weather, gastronomy, dream beaches, and good wines … Its cultural heritage is exemplary.

Yes, and is that great geniuses have left their works throughout the Community: Antonio Gaudí, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró … They are a world reference. As are the historical spaces that Catalonia has.

The place chosen for the proposal was located in a historic, fairytale setting

When the groom contacted us so that we could prepare his proposal in a historical place, he already had it clear. Yes, he had been browsing through our venue options in our Perfect Venue marketplace, and as soon as he came across this venue he knew it had to be it.

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The venue chosen was a historic venue near Gerona, tremendously beautiful, full of history, and located 600 meters above sea level, in front of the Montseny Natural Park, with beautiful gardens, a chill-out area, a swimming pool with a jacuzzi and incredible views! The couple was impressed.

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“I do” during the Christmas vacations

Today’s groom made his proposal in a historical Catalan venue, very close to Girona, during their vacation in our country, this way, the bride would not suspect anything, so they would visit the place as a mere cultural and tourist activity. So that when she least expected it… to ask him to marry her!

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Because while we are on vacation we are very relaxed and there are so many stimuli that it is very difficult to suspect anything. So, it is a perfect time to carry out the proposal and even more so at Christmas! That any city is filled with lights, colors, and a lot of attractions.

A lovely decoration is a must

For the scene of the proposal, we could not leave the romanticism aside when decorating, so we made a unique setting when decorating it. Besides the fact that the venue itself is already charming and does not need much decoration, this proposal could not miss the lilac flower petals, the candles, and a structure with green leaves as an altar. And also, there was a beautiful bouquet of lilac and white flowers that the groom gave to the bride!

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A violin playing in the background

What is a special moment without music? Absolutely nothing! That’s why the violin was in charge of livening up this proposal of marriage in a historic venue. This instrument was in charge of making the soundtrack of this magical moment. And there is nothing better than music to enliven emotions. When she heard the violin… she was already beginning to suspect something!

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A very emotional “I do”

When they reached the venue, the groom put a blindfold on her eyes to make the surprise. At first, she couldn’t see anything, but she could hear the violin. When the groom took her to the decorated scene, he began to read her a letter he had prepared to read to her at that moment to tell her about how important she is to him.

After this moment, he took off her blindfold and automatically got down on one knee to ask her to marry her. She didn’t hesitate to say yes to him in tears of emotion! Yes, she couldn’t stop crying.

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After this emotional proposal in a historic venue, they took another walk to take more pictures and videos to remember. They kept thanking us and telling us how happy they were, and they toured the entire venue in case their wedding would be held there too!

Great professionals took care of everything

As soon as the groom commented that he wanted to surprise his bride, Natalia Ortiz, the organizer of the proposal started with all the preparations to make the moment unique, and boy, did she succeed!

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And you’ve already seen the photo shoot taken by professional photographer Tanya Vasiliuk! A true professional with a camera.

The couple just couldn’t have been happier after everything they had experienced and seeing how well their marriage proposal had turned out in a historic venue.

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Special Thanks

Tanya Vasiliuk
 | Photographer
 | Florist