Sara and Cameron

How We Met

When I first signed up for dating apps a few years before I met Cameron, I was both nervous and hopeful. I have GAD and I’ve never been super confident with guys, preferring to read romance novels and simply dream. But dating apps seemed like the perfect solution for me–get a feel for the guy first, talk to him, and see if I even have any interest in meeting him. However, a few years and a handful of pretty disastrous dates later, I was pretty much ready to give up. To say I no longer was taking it seriously is a bit of an understatement– in my profile, I’d even put “Just so you know, I’d leave you for Steven Adams in a heartbeat.” (Just FYI, Steven Adams is an NBA player on our local team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.)

So I was intrigued when I got a message from a guy whose profile I’d marked that I was interested in that said, “I’d leave me for Steven Adams too, that mustache is exquisite!” (Google Steven Adams circa February 2016 if you need a reference). I didn’t realize those would be the first words my future husband ever spoke to me. We started talking and I realized Cameron might actually be serious when I sent him a picture of me with my four cats in heart sweaters on Valentine’s Day, only a week or two after we started talking, and he actually KEPT talking to me.

One thing I really liked about Cameron was how respectful he was of my anxiety and my worries about dating. Like me, he’d never been in a serious relationship. We talked for a couple of weeks before he suggested we exchange phone numbers but made it clear we didn’t have to if I felt uncomfortable. We finally decided we were ready to meet about a month later and managed to settle on a place and time–not the easiest task since he lived in Stillwater and I lived near OKC, over an hour apart. However, on March 16, 2016, he was going to be in town to help set up for some freelance work he was doing on a Thunder game the next day. We agreed on meeting at Dave and Buster’s that evening when he was done. Of course, my family decided we should go to the Oklahoma City Zoo on the morning of the date. Now, I absolutely love zoos and I’m crazy about animals, and the OKC Zoo is the first zoo I ever went to and still my favorite. The only problem was, by the time we’d spent hours walking around the zoo, I was sweaty and exhausted. When we got home, I took a shower and immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, I had a text from Cameron asking if we could move the time of the date back a little, because he was having to work longer than he thought. I was fine with this because it meant I could stay in bed and not get ready! However, he kept having to move the time back because they weren’t releasing him, and I was getting more and more nervous. I found myself in bed thinking, maybe I just shouldn’t do this. It’d be so much easier if I didn’t. I think I knew even then that if I got up and went on this date, my life was going to change.

Finally, we were able to meet at D&B’s, and I was immediately struck by how attractive Cameron was and how much I liked his sense of humor. We ended up talking for hours after dinner, never even making it to the games area. My sister literally thought I might have been kidnapped or murdered because I put my phone on silent and then didn’t check it again. Suddenly I looked around and realized it was almost 11 and I had about fifty missed calls and texts from my sister. Cameron and I went on our second date to a Thunder game and our third date to the OKC Zoo. On April 22, 2016, about a month after we met, I got tired of waiting for him to do it and asked Cameron to make it official. Three months later, I knew I’d found my soulmate and the man I wanted to marry. However, I knew better than to mention the whole marriage thing at that point, but again I got impatient waiting for him and told Cameron I loved him first. My extreme impatience and dislike of waiting have been a common theme throughout our relationship, and the proposal was no different.

How They Asked

Now, besides being impatient, I also have a very specific sense of what I like–and that included a ring. Cameron made the very smart decision that he would let me pick my own. We started looking at rings in September 2017 but quickly realized no one had exactly what I was picturing. I’ve never been really into diamonds and I knew I wanted my favorite stone, a garnet, to be the center stone. (No, it’s not my birthstone, burgundy is just my favorite color and I’ve always loved garnets because of that!) I also wanted an oval garnet, with a diamond halo, and some sort of twist or design to the band. We soon figured out this needed to be a custom piece. Luckily, a local jeweler in Moore was able to draw up the perfect design. Lewis Jewelers provided an amazing experience in helping me decide exactly what I wanted, from letting me pick out my own garnet to figuring out what I wanted with the band. We placed the order on October 6, 2017, with the hope it would be ready in a few weeks. However, I had already told Cameron that the proposal still had to be a surprise.

Unfortunately, Cameron accidentally told me when the ring was ready when he was supposed to keep it a secret so I wouldn’t know when the proposal was coming. As October ended and November began, I was expecting a proposal at every turn. Cameron pulled a Jim from The Office and made me think he was going to propose a few times, but weeks passed and it never actually happened. I got more and more impatient and, unfortunately, started to nag Cameron. I had this horrible, unreasonable fear he had changed his mind—I didn’t know what else he could be waiting for! My friends and family started trying to guess when it would be. The first week of December, I started thinking it was going to be a while because I wasn’t going to be seeing Cameron that much in the next couple weeks because of him working and I couldn’t figure when he would find the time to do it.

On Friday, December 8, Cameron was doing a replay for the broadcast of an OSU basketball game. I knew he wasn’t going to be done until late, and then he planned to drive the hour down to my house to stay the night. By the time he got there, I was already in my PJs in bed, snoring away. After I woke up, we talked for a minute before he told me he had something for me. I felt my heart stop for a second before I reassured myself, there’s no way he’s going to propose to you at 11 at night while you’re in bed snuggling with your cats. And sure enough, he whipped out a bag and handed me some Nerds Ropes! I started laughing because we’d just recently talked about how much I liked them but never got them. Then, while I was distracted, I heard Cameron say that he got me something else.

I looked up and he handed me a book. On the cover was a picture of us kissing and the title The Story of Us. I started turning pages, filled with pictures and memories and jokes from our relationship. My brain must’ve still been asleep because it didn’t occur to me what was happening. However, when I turned to the page that said “In Sickness and In Health” that had pictures of us taking care of each other when we’d been sick and after dental surgeries, it finally started clicking. By the last page, where he asked me to be his wife, I was crying. I looked up to the love of my life holding out my perfect ring and asking me the question I’d been dreaming of since three months into our relationship.

I was crying and laughing and in disbelief that I’d just been proposed to while in bed, surrounded by cats, in my PJs with no makeup and my hair a mess. I mentioned at the beginning that I’d always been a girl who preferred to read romance novels, but I didn’t mention that I’d also written one. The book was a nod to that, and it’d taken so long for Cameron to propose because he’d been making the book and waiting for it to get here. And it couldn’t have been more perfect. Now, I have a forever memory of my proposal that I can look at whenever I want and relive one of the best moments of my life.

In the meantime, Cameron and I were married on September 22, 2018, at the Oklahoma City Zoo, the place I went the day I met him and where we had our third date, and now we’re living happily ever after!

Special Thanks

Kimberly King
 | Photographer