Sara and Brett

How We Met

Brett and Sara met as children in a small town elementary school in Western Pennsylvania. Growing up, the two were very fond of each other, even “dating” in elementary school…if you could call it that, lol!

They separated throughout their middle school years and reunited in sophomore year of high school. Their first memorable 10th-grade encounter was at a mutual friend’s St. Patrick’s Day party. During several games of pong, Brett had kept asking for kisses on the cheek for “good luck”. Sara rolled her eyes but still obliged, laughing at Brett’s goofy personality and many jokes. Brett’s dad and grandfather always joked around about the “Wally curse”, a spell they claim to put on women with their charming looks and personalities. There must have definitely been some spells going on that night because it was history ever since.

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Brett and Sara have spent the last 10 and a half years growing and learning together. Through many ups and downs, you could say they have an unbreakable bond and undeniable chemistry.

They purchased a home in the woods of that same little Pennsylvania town, adopted two pups and a few kitties, and have a love that they’ve worked and fought to have, despite all odds.

Sara and Brett's Engagement in Banff, Canada

They say opposites attract and in Brett and Sara’s case that couldn’t be truer, but somehow it works like a dream. Brett has a love for motorcycles and they love riding around and enjoying each other’s company.

Although a decade has come and gone, it feels as though it were just yesterday when they met.

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Not many people can say they married their high school sweetheart, but Brett and Sara are a testimony that if you work hard, trust, love, and stand by each other’s side despite all odds, you can make it work and live a happy life together.

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How They Asked

In August 2019, Brett took Sara on a cross country motorcycle trip, visiting places such as South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Banff, Canada.

On the third day of their trip, they visited the beautiful Moraine Lake in Banff, Canada. The turquoise blue water surrounded by the picturesque landscape of mountains was almost magical.

As Sara begged Brett to take yet another bunch of photos with her, he knelt down on one knee and popped the question.

It was like a fairy tale, the view was incredible with an even more beautiful ring. It looked just like her grandmother’s, which is what she always wanted. Sara was shaking so bad she could barely stand, it was everything she ever dreamed of. Before Brett could even stand up she was screaming “yes”!

The two celebrated in the post-card-like view for the next few hours. Off the grid with no cell reception made it that much more special. It was like they were the only two people on earth, enjoying this beautiful moment together that Sara had been anticipating for the last ten years.

She was so shocked, she had no idea that this was coming, even though she had been dreaming of it for so long. Banff, Canada will forever hold a special place in their hearts. This moment felt unreal, and they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

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