This Guy Proposed in the Middle of Their Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot

Image 1 of Sara and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met at a bar in 2011. Dated for a few months then went our separate ways. A year later we got back together and have accomplished so much in the past 4 years. He bought a house, we added 2 more fur kids to our family, we’re expecting our first child, and now we’re getting married!

Image 2 of Sara and Brandon

how they asked

So I was in the process of purchasing my pregnancy announcement shirt for pictures we had planned, when Brandon (my boyfriend) says to me “I can make you a shirt better than that, you don’t need to buy it.” At this point, the shirt was purchased and I shrugged and said “too late”. Fast forward to picture day (a few weeks later) and I knew he wanted to take a few in his plaid shirt, but then he had to change into his baseball tee that I got him so we could match! He goes to the bathroom, changes his shirt, and is walking back to do more pictures.

Image 3 of Sara and Brandon

Image 4 of Sara and Brandon

When he gets to me he says, “Remember how I told you I could make a better shirt?” (as he turns around) and my very first thought was *Oh no, what the heck did you do to this thing* (I just saw a covered back of a shirt). Then I’m looking at it and notice he went to great lengths to make this thing and I really was liking it. It took about 20 or so seconds til I saw the last words on the list of the crossword puzzle said.. “Marry me.”

Image 5 of Sara and Brandon

Image 6 of Sara and Brandon

Right as I saw it (I have no idea what I said) but he turned around and got down on one knee and I think I blacked out. I’m sure he asked the question, I honestly couldn’t tell you. And my only words were “No, this is fake, you’re lying, no, are you for real?, no” and I wasn’t saying this because I didn’t want to marry him – OF COURSE I WANT TO MARRY HIM.

Image 7 of Sara and Brandon

Image 8 of Sara and Brandon

Image 9 of Sara and Brandon

I was just so flippin’ shocked I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t scream, I really think I blacked out for a-whole-nother 20 seconds. (Hence why I am collapsing on him in the bottom left picture). Needless to say, he blew me away with his sneakiness, his creativeness, and the fact that he took every thing I ever asked for into consideration (ask my dad, capture it on camera, and make sure my nails are done). I couldn’t imagine a better proposal and I can’t imagine a better life with anyone else. So excited to start a family with my handsome, thoughtful, future husband!

Image 10 of Sara and Brandon

Image 11 of Sara and Brandon

Special Thanks

Holly Anne
 | Photographer