Sara and Ben

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How We Met

Ben and I met in first year of University and started dating a year and a half later. He says that he knew when he laid eyes on me that he wanted to date me, but I wasn’t going to make it that easy for him.

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My friend was dating someone in the same program as Ben and she was always saying we should go on double dates but it never happened. I always told him and everyone that he was kind of weird and quirky, and now those are some of my favourite things about him! We ended up living next door to one another in an attached town house in second year, merely by chance. In the winter he would scrape the snow off my car as my friend said “aw” out the window and that I need to give him a chance. I said “no he just wants a ride to school”.

At the end of second year, after exams, and probably some drinks we locked eyes at the local bar and shared a kiss. We then went our separate ways back home (about an hour away from one another) for the summer. One of my best friends who was friends with Ben before she met me decided she would bring him to my birthday party. I had mentioned it to him but since we had only been talking a little bit I didn’t think he would actually come all the way. Looking back on it now I am so happy he came, and met all of my friends because that’s where the story really began. We talked all summer long and hung out a few times when we could.

On August 31, 2011 we were at his parents house in the hot tub enjoying the last bit of summer before going back to school. At this point I was pretty sure we’d officially be going into third year as boyfriend and girlfriend but like most girls, I actually hear the words. I looked at him, and he knew I wanted to ask him something, he looked at me with this blank/nervous look on his face that I still remember to this day. I said “do you have something to tell me?”

At this point I was thinking he would officially ask me to be his girlfriend (I’m old school like that). Little to my surprise, he looked at me with those eyes and said ” I love you.” Now while it wasn’t what I thought was going to come out his mouth it was in that moment that our journey would begin. For the last two years of school we spent a lot of time together and in the summers would go to the cottage and spend as much time with one another as we could being an hour apart. For the past 2 of 6 years we’ve been 2.5 hours away from one another. While we only get to see each other most weekends, the distance really has brought us together and makes our time together that much more special. Sometimes it’s been hard when I see my friends with their boyfriends during the week, or living with them. Ben has always said he took the job to make a good life for us in the future and that he needed to do it for just a few years and promised he would come back. Well I held him to that promise and we made it through the ups and downs! Now he is finally coming back home and I can finally call him my fiancé!

how they asked

Every year on our anniversary we try to get away somewhere to spend a week together. This year we landed on Portugal, something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. A few hours before we left, Ben signed his papers for a new job in my hometown. You can imagine how excited I was. Now on to the best part of all, the proposal. We spent the first 3 days of our trip in Amsterdam. This was Ben’s initial location to pop the question since my grandparents were born there.

The only good weather we had was the first day and the remaining days were cool, dark and rainy (typical of Amsterdam’s weather). He wanted the proposal to be extra special and memorable so decided to not do it there. So off we went on another flight to our next destination, Porto, Portugal. I had reached out to a pair of local photographers to take some pictures for my blog.

On day 2 in Portugal we had a wine tasting and then met them down by the water just as the sun was setting. Little to my surprise, and theirs, this wasn’t going to be a regular photo shoot. They got a few pictures of us together, and then some for my blog. At that moment my boyfriend said he gestured to the husband that he was going to do “it”. They had us take some more pictures, me, still completely oblivious.

The next thing I know my boyfriend pulls me in close and says “Sara I have something for you”. In that very moment my heart sank, I turned to him and said “no, are you kidding?” and according to him some swear words (sorry Mom!) He said “I’m not kidding”, got down on one knee and said “Sara will you marry me?” The look in his eyes in that very moment was the same look he had when he first told me he loved me. I of course, instantly started to cry and said YES!

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I am so happy the photographers were there to capture this unforgettable moment, I will never forget it thanks to them! I had always said I wanted the proposal captured somehow because I knew I would blackout from excitement and not remember, and that’s exactly what happened! I will cherish him, this moment, that sunset, this trip, and Portugal for the rest of my life.

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