Sara and Andrew

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How We Met

We met 4 years ago in a co-ed soccer league. We had a mutual friend on our team but we didn’t pay much attention to each other since we were both in a prior relationship. Fast forward a year and we were both single but we never talked during that time because we really didn’t know each other. So a couple of my friends decided to go camping but I wasn’t really up for it but my friend Sara Lopez pushed me to go and it was the best decision I could’ve made! I ended up going, then our mutual friend (Sebastian) invited him to go camping which I had no idea he was going. We didn’t talk at all during that weekend up until the very last day when we were packing and getting ready to leave. We made small talk but I still didn’t think anything of it because I kind of closed myself off and didn’t want anything to do men atm. I thought he was really funny which I liked and thought we could be great friends! As we got back to our friends house we all had dinner together and then little by little everyone started to leave until it was just us two left talking along with another friend of mine.

The three of us were just talking about life and somehow I felt so comfortable around him without even really knowing him, I opened up and told him about my past and how I was heartbroken but right after that it got really late and I had to go home but before I left he asked for my number in case I ever wanted to share how I was feeling. So I gave it to him and that night I get the most heart warming message and not in like a way that he was flirting or anything like that but instead it was something that I needed to hear and his words helped me so much during that hard time that I was going through (I have pictures of the texts).

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After all that little by little we started texting more but it was more of like sending each other memes and like seeing each other when we’d hangout in a group but it was never more than that. After those few weeks we stopped talking for a couple months and then he had a get together at his house and invited me to come. I went and I remember it being a little chilly outside so I was going around asking for sweaters and then one of his friends asked him if I could borrow a sweater and so he gave me one along with a beanie. I ended up leaving with both the sweater and the beanie and later that night I texted him saying thanks for the sweater and beanie and I promised him I would give it back and his response was “you can keep it, it looks better on you” and after that we kept talking as friends and then little by little we started falling for each other and now here we are almost two years later!

how they asked

It was a complete surprise!! I had absolutely no idea! Luckily I had my hair and makeup done. He never gave me any hints so I literally had no clue when it was going to happen. For a while now we have been looking at places to get married because we knew that we wanted to get married soon. So we found a place we liked and we decided to tell my parents if they would like to go see the place with us little did I know that this was all part of the plan! He had asked my parents 2 weeks before for my hand in marriage and explained to them where he wanted to do it and how. So they had it all set and so we get to the botanical garden and I start showing them where it is I wanted to have the cermoney and then I remembered telling him we should take pictures because we don’t take many and we were both dressed nice so we Ask my brother to take us pictures and then I see him pull a box out and I immediately started to freak out and cry like a baby. He said how much he loved me and I would make him the happiest man if I were his wife. He got down in his knee and asked me to marry him and I said YES! THEN I see all of our close friends and family come out and I was completely shocked because I didn’t know all our family was going to be there and it made me so happy having them there so they all came out once I said yes!

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