Sara and Andrew

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How We Met

While Andrew was playing football on a home-school team in Maryland, his family began attending Pleasant Hill Worship Center, a church ran by my pastor’s parent’s. During Andrew’s family’s first visit to the church, there was a conference going on that my pastors happened to be at, and the two families quickly became friends. I was a senior in high school at the time, so I wasn’t there. A few months later, in March of 2011, Andrew and his family visited my church. After the service ended, my youth pastor introduced us but my mind was on other things so the introduction was brief. It wasn’t until that summer that we began becoming friends, and on August 6, 2011, Andrew asked for my phone number. Since then, we have talked in some form without missing a day, but we simply focused on building a friendship. We didn’t officially begin dating until January 19, 2012. I had recently gotten my wisdom teeth removed, so Andrew offered to spend a few days with my family and I taking care of me – basically watching movies while I slept. Once I began feeling more like myself again, he surprised me with a football player themed Build-A-Bear, complete with a helmet, football and water bottle. Inside the water bottle was a sweet note that described all of the reasons Andrew developed feelings for me. When I finished reading the letter I looked up at him and he asked me to be his girlfriend. :)

how they asked

As told by Sara: In June 2016, Andrew came to spend a few days in my hometown with my family. I spent the whole summer taking grad courses so I had to drive back to Albany that Friday for a Saturday class. Since it was going to be such a beautiful day, Andrew suggested that we spend the day walking around Saratoga Springs before heading back to Albany. While we were sitting on the garden patio of an adorable Irish cafe and eating lunch in the summer sunshine, Andrew said, (and I quote): “So I woke up at like 8AM and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I watched a Disney movie and planned our entire day.” Little did I know, he had actually been planning this day for months but I didn’t think anything of it because he likes to randomly plan sweet little surprise dates for us all the time, so I just laughed and said, “Alright!” When we finished eating lunch, Andrew took me to the Hyde Collection Museum in Glens Falls. It’s set up inside an old historic mansion, so it was really neat to walk around and look at everything.

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As we were walking through the museum, I noticed a garden in the back that had two easels set up because they used to teach painting classes, so I was like “Wow. That’s so beautiful – Let’s go out there right now.” Luckily (for Andrew) I didn’t know how to get outside, but I knew we were allowed to because I saw someone snapping photos on his camera out there. A little while later, I asked one of the employees how to get to the garden. Following her directions, we slowly walked to the garden. At this point, Andrew was gripping my hand REALLY tightly. As soon as we could see the garden, I noticed two framed canvases on the easels next to the water fountain and flowers that weren’t there before.

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One was a picture collage of us in the shape of a heart, and one was of photo letters that said: “Sara, will you marry me?” Both handmade by Andrew himself. :) Then he got down on one knee and PROPOSED. Once I said “YES,” I turned around to see BOTH of our families standing right behind us, cheering and crying with joy, and a photographer and videographer capturing the whole thing.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Christine Neely
 | Photographer
Hyde Collection Museum
 | Not only was The Hyde Collection the backdrop to our proposal, but the employees helped Andrew organize the entire thing and keep it a surprise.