Sara and Alex

Image 1 of Sara and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I went to middle and high school together and had some mutual friends, but never really talked to each other. Alex always kinda had an eye for me, but to be honest, I had a crush on his best friend at the time. Flash forward to Thanksgiving weekend 2016, everyone was back in our hometown to see family. My friends really wanted to go out, but I had just driven back from Philly and was tired, but I was guilted into going out. I said I would only stay for a little bit, but that changed when Alex walked into the bar. I always thought he was funny and had seen him around a few times that summer. It is funny because I remember distinctly changing my tune from telling my friends I was heading home to wanting to stick around right after he walked in the door. Now 4 years later, we live together and are engaged! So much has changed from those silly, awkward crushes in middle school and now I cannot imagine not spending the rest of my life without him!

How They Asked

This past weekend, we went to my parents’ lake house in the Poconos to see them for the first time in a month. My brothers also came along to spend one last warm weekend by the lake for the season. After getting to the house on Friday night, we were all chatting in the living room and enjoying being in everyone’s company. And then all of a sudden Alex was pulling me up out of my chair and into the middle of the living room. He told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and proposed in front of my whole family. He wanted to do it in front of family since the pandemic has made it hard for us all to be together and we first said “I love you” to each other in that house. It was so special and perfect to be able to share that moment with him and my family.