Sara and Adam

How We Met

Sara & I met through our local church in Washington, DC! I was playing on the worship team and she says that she had been watching me on stage multiple times and thought I was cute.

After some amazingly random moments, Sara and I started texting back and forth. She had a death in her family so we weren’t able to talk to much, and I wanted to give her space, but I knew she was special.

When she returned from the funeral, I had been looking through video footage of our church services and noticed that Sara was in one of the shots. She had gotten baptized within the past year. She also has a master’s degree from a Seminary, which made the recent baptism interesting.

So I texted her about it and she simply replied “It’s a bit complicated, definitely too long to text”.

I said “what are you doing tonight? Want to get milkshakes and talk about it?”. She said yes, we talked and cried for 6 straight hours after getting kicked out of the milkshake spot. A few days later after lots of prayer and talking, we were dating!

We always refer to that night as “Milkshake Night” and it brings smiles to our eyes!

how they asked

I’ve been to Iceland twice and had a few friends going to visit. I convinced them to let me come along and be kind of like a tour guide since I was so passionate about the country. I also invited Sara knowing the dates lined up with her schedule.

The first two days were filled with sightseeing and lots of driving! Towards the end of the third day, we arrived at my favorite waterfall, Skogafoss. Sara, passionate about Icelandic rock towers and their mystery, started building her own as I setup for a photo of us in front of the waterfall.

Little did she know what I was REALLY setting up for!

Once my camera was set, I walked over to her and held her like I had done in the past for a photo. After that though I said “I have something for you”, I got down on one knee and said “will you marry me?”

She said YES!

We hugged, kissed, cried, laughed, cried some more. It was a euphoric moment where lots of people were around us, but all that mattered were those few moments. We called our parents excitedly and shared the news with our friends on social media.