Sapphiroula and Nicholas

How We Met

So nick always lived around the corner from me I’d always see him and he’d see me but we would never talk as he was 5 years older. I remember when I was about 13 he would slow down his car when I would walk home and say something to me and I would be like yuck boys! I always noticed him looking but never really thought twice about it. We met again when I was 18 he came up behinds be at a bar and grabbed my hand I turned around to see who it was and it was him. Nick said, “we always see eachother but we never talk”. From them we organised to meet up for an ice cream date at Broadbeach where both our families would holiday. And the rest is history.

how they asked

So he surprised me with tickets to Greece for my birthday. Then I didn’t know which islands I was going to. The day before the proposal I saw couples on little speed boats and told him how fun it would be to do that and swim around the island. Little did I know he had already booked a boat a little bigger than a speed boat so this worked perfectly with his plan. Then on the morning of the proposal he told me to wear that white dress and he took me out on a boat. There were two skippers which I was really confused about…

Once we got to the blue caves he sat me down in the middle of the boat and got down on one knee. Turned out that one of the skippers was a photographer who’s pretty famous on the island of zakynthos. After the boat ride the photographer said goodbye and nick took me Back to the suite where there was a cute display on the bed and lunch with wine. Then out of no where the photographer walked in again and said are u ready for our shoot. We took some amazing pics in the villa then went on later to shipwreck beach cliffs for a sunset shoot.

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Special Thanks

Nick Kontostavlakis
Sapphiroula Pelecas