Sapana and Vishal's Flash Mob Proposal

How We Met: Sapana and I have known each other since we were kids, our parents were friends when we were young so we grew up together. I’m really good friends with her brother, and me and her actually ended up getting together at his wedding. After a little over a year of dating, I knew she was the one. Even though we only dated for a short period of time, I’ve known her pretty much my entire life.

How I Asked: Throughout the course of dating, I have always thought about where and how I would actually propose. I knew I wanted to propose at Six Flags – she was obsessed with this place and could never stop talking about how much she loved the ride “Nitro”. I just had to work out the details of how I would do it, but first I knew I would have to get the park on board. I wasn’t really sure how to start so I went on LinkedIn to find the President of the park.

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First, I checked to see if we had any connections in common, which we didn’t. I figured he would be less likely to reply to a cold message, so I thought I would make it seem like I was closely related through his network. I requested a bunch of his direct connections to be added on my LinkedIn network at random to make it seem like he knew people that knew me.

Then I sent him a message on LinkedIn describing our history with Six Flags and asking if they would be willing to help with the proposal. (I had to purchase linked in premium to be able to send a message to someone that wasn’t in my network). To my surprise, I got an e-mail within a few hours from Dory Oswald who’s in the Special Events department at Six Flags saying they would love to help with the plan.

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From there Dory and I brainstormed a bit, I shared a few ideas which were fairly unrealistic and turned down pretty quick. I went back to the drawing board, and thought of having a flash mob waiting on the line of Nitro which she was completely on board with. I also wanted friends and family to come take part, and wanted to make some sort of compilation video to play before proposing.

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The only remaining item was figuring out a way to get Sapana to the park on that date, and to come early before the park was open to the public. I asked Dory if they could create some sort of fake prize award, and she suggested that they could e-mail Sapana an “Early Access Ride Award” ticket for select season pass holders.

As part of the video, I also wanted to try to get some celebrity appearances. I made a list of 10 celebrities, who I would try to reach out to electronically so that they could record a video that I would be able to use in my video compilation. A few of the ladies from Mob Wives (reality TV show on VH1) were on the list, because we watched this show pretty religiously every week.

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I was on their twitter pages about to send them a tweet when I saw they were doing a book signing in NYC. I went to the book signing during a snow storm, which was lucky for me because the crowd wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Anyway, I waited in line, got a chance to speak to the ladies, and they were ecstatic to help.

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The rest is history and can be seen on the video – it ended up being a really successful proposal with the help from a lot of vendors, friends, and family.

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We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Video & photos : MPW Media Group

Flash Mob Performance: Derling Dance Arts

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