Santosh and Natasha

Image 1 of Santosh and Natasha

How We Met

I met Natasha through an online portal. From the time we met, we clicked instantly. I do not know where to start from as the qualities she possesses are beyond my explanation. We started talking over the phone and the conversation started developing from few minutes to more minutes and then to hours. We would literally spend hours on the phone till morning at 3 am. It was during lockdown this all started. Within few weeks we realized we were meant for each other. We decided to meet somewhere in middle. She traveled 8 hrs to meet me and I traveled 5 hrs to meet her.

Image 2 of Santosh and Natasha

Image 3 of Santosh and Natasha

How They Asked

We met at a mall in Noida where they were fewer people due to covid. The moment I saw her my heart beat increased I could not belive how lucky I was as she was breath taking in many ways . It was there where I went on my knees and proposed her she being shy tried to ran away . I held her hand and told her these were the hands I want to hold on for life. This is the face I want to see first thing when I wake up every morning and see before I close my eyes. She did say yes and in a month’s time, I went to meet her dad to ask for her hand in marriage.

Image 4 of Santosh and Natasha