Our Favorite Santorini Proposals

The Grecian island of Santorini is at the center of countless Pinterest boards and the top of many dream vacay bucket lists – including ours! The gorgeous blue water, the stunning sunsets, and the iconic white buildings are as picture-perfect as it gets. So it’s no surprise many people choose to take a bae-cation to Santorini to pop the question. Here are some of our favorite proposals from Santorini, Greece!

Janelle & Ben

Photo: Studio Phosart

“At about the halfway point, the music went on and began playing our favorite song. As I looked up, I saw dozens of people scattered all over the caldera watching us from above. I thought in my mind, “She’s going to kill me”. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, there were a number of candles perfectly placed into a semi-heart shape. Panos secretly pointed where Janelle was supposed to stand and where I was to propose. Once we were in position (facing each other), I told Janelle she could take the blindfold off. She took the blindfold off and immediately started crying at how beautiful everything was. It was like a dream.”

Juliana & Tati

Photo credit: Flytographer

“I quickly put my fanny pack on the side and tried to put the ring box in my back pocket without Tati noticing. We got into position for the picture and that’s when I looked at her and said, “You know I love you, right?” Tati immediately caught on and asked, “Wait are you proposing right now?” I kneeled down and said, “Yes, will you marry me?”. She quickly reached in her purse and pulled out a box and said: “Only if you marry me?”

Pierre & Kelsey

Photo credit: Studio Phosart

He chose a beautiful spot at the edge of a cliff, and the scenery was so romantic. Flowers everywhere, champagne and strawberries enlightened this special moment, that brought tears to Kelsey’s eyes.”

Trisha & Rayad

Photo credit: Nikola Ancevski

“We finally found a gorgeous cliff overlooking all of Santorini, white houses on one side, the blue roof tops on the other and the beautiful blue sea in front of us! The place began to clear and we had it all to ourselves. For every stop of our trip, Ray took a picture of me taking in the scenery & like normal, he asked to take a picture of me looking at the ocean. So I did.”

Loukia & Yanni

Photo credit: Phosart Photography Cinematography

“As George was photographing Loukia with her back turned towards the sunset, our planners set the heart of roses and candles in the center of the castle. Holding Loukia’s hand walking toward the heart, the musicians came out of the crowd playing our song and having the crowd cheering, clapping and taking pictures was like it was Yankee Stadium behind us the moment it happened.”

Neel & Dhara

Photo credit: Joanna

“Blindfold still on, my heart beat out of my chest as I heard him get down on one knee. I wanted to take the blindfold off ever since I had it put on but at this very moment, I wanted to keep it on because I knew that the second I took it off I would start crying!! I opened my eyes to see the man of my dreams on one knee, “Will you marry me?” I was filled with all types of emotions.”

Kaleya & Brandon

Photo credit: Kimon Kaketsis

“So, we are killing this shoot. When Kimon asked us, “Do we have any couples within the couple?” My family looks around and points to us. Kimon begins to take photos of me and Kaleya. Once Kimon says that magical phrase, “Now, Let’s get romantic!”, which was discussed between him and me on our telephone conversation. That is the cue for me to propose. She was completely surprised and blown away (and not because it was super windy that day).”

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