Sanne and Jeroen

How We Met

Me and Sanne met 7 years ago at high school. At first both of us didn’t want anything to do with the other, but after a romantic kiss during a stargazing date, we just went with it. And with success!

how they asked

I wanted to do something special for Sanne. Together with a group of our closest friends and family and our dog I made videoclip to the song “Something I need” by Ben Haenow, which is “our” song. On a seemingly normal Sunday afternoon her family took her to the cinema, where all our friends and family were ready to surprise her. And surprised she was! The video was based on Sanne’s love of chocolate. In the video I show that I would go trough enormous lengths to give her everything she wants (in this case, prison time) ;-)

Where to Propose in In the Cinema in Alkmaar

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Jelmar Decnop
Directing and Filming
Donatello Gonzales |