Sanita and Vahid

how we met

Funny enough, thank God for social media these days! Vahid and I were both competing in the fitness industry when he came across my Instagram page! I had just moved to Miami and he has always been in Vancouver, however, we both thought that we lived in each others city. One night there was a night market in Vancouver and I wondered where it was so I asked, come to find out it wasn’t in Miami! This sparked a conversation about fitness and we kept in touch as friends. Shortly after his sister was getting married in Las Vegas (where I traveled for work many times and had some friends). Vahid has never been to Vegas and told me to come hang out if I get a chance. Fast forward, he convinced me to go on a spontaneous trip and I ended up going with him to the wedding and meeting the whole family! We’ve been together ever since. Moral of our story, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

how they asked

Sooo…of course we got engaged in Vegas! This is where we met, where he met my parents the first time and it all started.He originally planned on proposing in Disney if we were to go in 2018. However, due to Hurricane season in FL we decided to go to Vegas. We made a promise to each other that every year we would go back to Vegas for our anniversary and we have every since! He told my family about six months prior to the proposal and convinced them to come with us (I had no idea he talked to my parents and asked my dad for his word in our marriage). We went to Vegas on August 17th, 2020 and he proposed on August 20th (a day before our dating anniversary) to avoid any suspicion around getting engaged. Although I had a feeling we could be getting engaged soon this was a total surprise! I had no idea that my parents knew and that was the reason they were there. He proposed on the gondola ride at the Venetian – this is why we had our engagement photos taken there!He waited until we reached the end in the open area where my parents were standing and taking a video! I was so surprised and it was a magical moment for the both of us. Having my parents there was the cherry on top!

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