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How We Met

Our love story is a true tale of destiny. It’s living proof that what’s meant to be will always find a way of working itself out and come full circle. My dad and Wade’s mom went to high school together in Wayland, Massachusetts back in the mid 1970s. Ten years later, both my parents and Wade’s parents found themselves living less then a mile from one another in Southern Orange County. As fate would have it…our moms instantly became best friends raising two little babies just 3 weeks apart. When Wade was three years old they moved back to MA. Growing up our moms would fly from coast to coast annually to visit and sometimes the families would come along. I vividly remember a trip when they all came to CA to visit and thinking, “Dang this Wade kid is so cute!” It wasn’t until 5 years ago when my mom unexpectedly passed away that Wade and I truly “discovered” one another.

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I was completely beside myself and utterly heartbroken. I took a trip to visit Wade’s mom as she was one of my mom’s dearest friends and I wanted to be near someone that also loved her very much and was grieving her loss. After my visit was over I was supposed to take a train to Pennsylvania to visit my aunt but the train I was scheduled to be on crashed in Connecticut…so I couldn’t leave for an additional three days. It was during that time that Wade and I got to spend a lot of time together and began to grow curious about one another. I believe my mom sent me to him and us ending up together was part of her greater plan. Wade proposed in my mother’s homeland, Switzerland, at her beautiful resting place right in front of the Matterhorn where my family and I had spread her ashes. It was the most meaningful proposal followed by a reading he did for my mom thanking her for raising me & bringing us together. We now live in Laguna Beach, California and are getting married this New Years Eve!

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how they asked

Wade and I went to visit Switzerland which is a very special place to my family and I. My mom was born and raised in Switzerland so growing up the Swiss culture was a big part of my childhood. My mom made sure to teach my siblings and I Swiss German fluently, cooked traditional Swiss meals regularly and made sure we all got dual citizenship. My mother passed away 5 years ago. My family and I felt it was very important to “bring her home” so we spread her ashes at a beautiful resting place we all picked out together with a view of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Fast forward a few years and that’s where Wade proposed. I was so excited to finally take him to Switzerland and go on the hike to visit my mom’s resting place. When we finally got there (it’s not an easy journey) Wade got on one knee and with the most beautiful, well thought out and meaningful words…he asked me to marry him!

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