Sandy and Ryen

How We Met

We knew each other for a while. I was friends with some of the people in his family. Once he got out of the Navy, he moved to Jax, FL where I was living. And we were friends for a few months. There was an upcoming Darius Rucker concert and nobody wanted to go with me except for him. He picked me up and we had a BLAST.

Darius Rucker player “If I Told You” and we somehow made our way to the front of the concert and slow danced to that song along with the other couples. Still, friends after that but feelings started to develop and he asked me out on a dinner date but I just wanted to go to the beach and watch the stars. So we did.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris

How They Asked

We planned a trip to Europe for my 25th birthday. Paris was only a 3hr train ride from Amsterdam so I wanted to go see the city and we stayed for less than 36 hours. Ryen told me he had a photo shoot booked as a gift because I wanted to blow up canvases in the living room. We’re taking photos all around the Eiffel Tower and he hands my phone to the photographer and tells me that he’s going to take a video. Told me he was nervous and that he loved me then got on one knee.. I was actually crying so hard I could barely get the word “Yes” out.

Special Thanks

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