Sandy and Ryan

How We Met

We met when I was 16 and Ryan was about to turn 18. We both worked at McDonald’s, but went to different high schools so the only time we would see each other was at work. To be quite honest I wasn’t sure what his name was at first, but I knew he was cute. Once I learned his name I would check the work schedules every week to see if we worked together at all. I remember how nervous and excited I would get when I would see him walk into work. He smelled nice and was always so kind to me. I was definitely crushing on him. I tried every excuse just to talk to him. The most significant moment was when I asked him to help me clean a blender. I did not know how to use the sink so I called him back there to help me. That was the day it really began.

We added each other on Facebook and started talking. There would be nights where we would stay up talking until 5 or 6 a.m. We have had our greatest moments together. We have also had our trials. There was a time where we broke up for a month and I still remember telling my best friend at the time that it doesn’t matter because he’s the one I’m going to marry regardless. We’ve grown together. We both watched each other graduate high school and in less than 1 year Ryan will be graduating from college. 1 year after that I will follow him and graduate from college. We were very young when we met. We’re still young, but our love for each other and our love for GOD will continue to strengthen this relationship for eternity.

how they asked

We have been on this journey together for 5 years and known we were going to get married at some point. I mean I’ve been planning our wedding on Pinterest and following this website and its stories since I was a senior in high school…We have had some great times and times where our relationship was tested. We persevered through God’s grace and the support of our friends and family. We have always tried to put God’s word first throughout our relationship. Which leads us to this proposal. With God guiding us these past few years, we knew His word would help us on our next journey.

The day began on Sunday June 26th,, 2016. I was getting ready for church when my nephew (Samir) and my younger sister Nancy called me into the kitchen to find a bag with a rose and a note.

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I read the note and began crying because at that point I knew what was happening. After crying for a little with my mom I got ready and headed off to clue#2.

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This was where we first met (McDonald’s) and our friend Michael had my second clue (and a sausage muffin because I was hungry) waiting for me. The clue led me to clue #3 (Pizza hut our first “date”). Waiting for me this time were my close friends Samantha, Brooke, and Sara.

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They welcomed me with hugs and cheese sticks (they know me so well). The clue I received from them took me to our church and waiting for me there was my older sister Tamara.

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This clue mean the world to me because our faith in God is what has kept our relationship so strong. After a little bit of crying I read her clue that led me to clue #5 (Saginaw Valley State University where we both attend).

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Ryan and I shared a lot of memories at SVSU and grew a lot together over the years there. I found my other friend Avery waiting for me in the Ryder center (Gym) with my next clue to lead me to a destination I have not been yet. After taking the wrong exit and getting lost I finally made it to the park. Nancy had given me the clue and led me to Sheela and Destiny who were also close friends of both me and Ryan.

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They gave me a box with a dollar and nail polish to signify where Ryan first said I love you (In front of the dollar store and Insession on Gratiot rd.).

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Their clue led me to my parents Jeep. This jeep played an important role in our relationship because in high school that was the car I drove and Ryan had the same one.

There was even a time where I was reversing and hit his Jeep. One year of high school he also wrote on the car window asking me to go to homecoming with him.

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He used my parent’s jeep again for the proposal and wrote on the window “will you go to homecoming with me”. Talk about a walk down memory lane. The first clue I found in the jeep talked about one of our traditions which is silly, but it’s our tradition. That tradition is buying tabs for his Jeep and my parent’s Jeep every May. I found another clue in the Jeep that led me to my oldest sister, brother in law and my 2 nephews Jordan and Jaxon who drove all the way from Chicago to be a part of this whole proposal.

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Their clue led to my sisters dog that you can consider our family dog who gave me another clue.

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Their clue led me to my Brother, sister in law and my other two nephews Samir and Amir. They gave me the final clue that led me to my parents.

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My parents gave me my 12th rose and walked me down to meet Ryan. It was beautiful. The whole day was beautiful. Ryan thought of every significant moment of our relationship and painted a picture for everyone to see. I asked Ryan since we met that when he proposes the one thing I wanted was to include my whole family and he did just that. He surprised me and reminded me how blessed I truly am to have someone like him who reminds me of all the wonderful moments we’ve shared and the wonderful moments that are still to come.

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After 5 years with Ryan, he finally gave me my CHAMPIONSHIP ring.

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