Sandy and Jaime's Pup-posal in Ontario

Pup Proposal (2)

how they asked: I am a photographer and I have always dreamed that my engagement would be captured in a photo.

We made plans to go to my family’s cottage on the beach for a week and before we left I told my Jaime (my boyfriend at the time, now fiance) that while we were there I was going to set up the camera and take some family photos of the two of us and our dog .

We did about 10 or so normal poses and then I started to feel his hand on my shoulder shaking. Before I knew it he was getting down on one knee and had something shiny in his hand.

He asked me if I would make him the happiest boy in the world and spend the rest of my life with him. I screamed out yes and lunged for the ring he laughed and swatted my hand away telling me that he wanted to put it on my finger.

That day we went to Grandbend which is popular tourist site in southern Ontario and I literally showed every single person on the strip my new ring as I screamed out “we are engaged”.

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Photography by Sandra Hext Photography