Sandrine and Luke

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ticehurst England

How We Met

Luke and I met at our Church over three years ago. I instantly knew that I liked him but was too shy to tell him. Turns out he felt the same and never told me either. We became really close friends and never thought of us bring an item until December 2019 when we both made a move.

How They Asked

Luke proposed in the most romantic way after 8 weeks. It was on a leap day. We were in an outdoor bathtub in the middle of the forest. It wasn’t unexpected and wildly dramatic. It felt calm and relaxed and I was at peace. I knew then that saying yes would be the best decision I could make. Luke proposed with an antique Edwardian diamond ring. He bought it in London. It was made in 1900 and is over 100 years old which makes it even more special. ❤️

Where to Propose in Ticehurst England