Sandra and Daniel

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Two weeks ago, we found out about this super bloom in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. We made our plan to visit. For a second, I did think it would be a good idea for him to propose there but then remembered it was his job to plan that, not mine (yes, I like to be in control of EVERYTHING), so I let it leave my mind. It was just going to be a super cool, casual day hanging with friends in a bunch of flowers. — 4:36 am, day of, we walk out the door with sunblock, three cameras, snacks, and water. 6:40 am We park and look for a spot in the field that will be good for capturing the sun as it rises over the mountain ridge. He leads me to a small mound of dirt and old branches and we start taking pictures of the colors breaking through.

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I ask him (for the millionth time) what my aperture and shutter speed should be. He kindly and patiently tells me again. ~6:55 The sun starts to come over the ridge. He’s taking photos with his monster of a camera (please ask him what it is, I forget).

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I’m looking through my lens trying to remember what he had JUST told me about aperture and shutter speed.

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The sun is moving quickly over the ridge, my moment to capture it is passing, and I hear him behind me- “Well, are you gonna get it!?” “I’M TRYING!!!” Click “Sandra.” I turn around and he’s on his knee with a ring in his hand. I’m shocked! Then, I’m pretty sure he asks me to marry him because I remember saying yes.

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