Sandra and Tony

How We Met: Tony and I met at wine bar in the West Village called Anfora. For our first date, Tony invited me to North End Grill in Battery Park City. We were having such a wonderful time chatting about our childhood in Queens, the love for the Mets, our eclectic taste in fine dining that we didn’t realize that brunch was coming to an end. We decided to take a walk around a park nearby and continue our conversation.

first date

After a couple of minutes into the stroll, I had to use the ladies room. Tony remembered that there was a restroom close to where he had parked his car, so we headed that direction. When we got there, we realized that his car had been towed! We tried to locate his vehicle but we didn’t have much time before the business closed so we made the best of our time together and headed to another restaurant to enjoy our evening.

At our next stop, a couple next to us realized that we were on our first date and offered to take our photo and we said, “Sure!”, and now here we are preparing to get married!

how they asked: After a day hiking the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico City, Tony and I made our way to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We were on vacation visiting his family in Puebla and it was almost time to head back home but first we wanted to visit the national shrine.

After listening to mass, Tony and I headed to the alter and when I turned around he was on one knee! I was completely caught off guard and couldn’t stop sobbing. To commemorate the special occasion the engagement ring is in the style of a rose, which is to symbolize the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It was definitely an unforgettable and spiritual experience!

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Shortly after our trip, Tony and I went to Port St. Lucie, Florida to check out the New  York Mets Spring Training. We are both big fans and the love for the team has been a reoccurring theme in our relationship, so we went with the idea of having a player help us announce our engagement. We were fortunate enough to get the one and only, Captain David Wright, to call us onto the field and hold our banner that said, “Surprise! We’re engaged!”

reading the sign

let's go mets