Sandra and Juan Carlos

how they asked: This isn’t my story, it’s my best friend’s Juan Carlos’ story. Last May he went for heart surgery and after the surgery he developed lung complications and fell into a coma for 35 days and spent two months total in the hospital. More than once, doctors told us that he wasn’t going to make it, there seemed to be more and more complications everyday.

His girlfriend Sandra was by his bedside everyday, holding his hands and talking to him. She showed that her love for him was bigger than any of this illnes that was attacking Juan Carlos. After those painful 2 months in the hospital Sandra helped Juan carlos with his recuperation, and he decided that the best way to celebrate his birthday was to propose to Sandra with all of his family and friends.

Image 1 of Sandra and Juan Carlos

Image 2 of Sandra and Juan Carlos

Image 3 of Sandra and Juan Carlos