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how they asked

After seven years of dating, Jose was finally ready to pop the question. He didn’t know how or when, but he knew he had to find a way to propose to Sandra without her suspecting anything. It’s no secret that Sandra had been expecting this for a long time and surprising her was going to be very difficult. On Christmas Eve, Sandra’s younger sister, Elizabeth, gifted her a trip to London and Dublin. This would be Sandras first time in Europe and naturally, she was overjoyed. The only opportunity she had to go on this trip was the first week of March during a school break. Unfortunately, it landed on Jose’s birthday and he couldn’t get the time off from work.

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Although Sandra was disappointed that he couldn’t go, she was very excited and planned a mother-daughter trip. Sandra and her mom arrived in London on March 5th and spent the day exploring the city. They made plans to go on the London Eye the following day. The next day was March 6th, which happened to be Jose’s birthday so as soon as she woke up she called him but no answer. After going to the Borough Market for lunch, Sandra and her mom took a taxi to the London Eye. As soon as they arrived they noticed a beautiful tree-lined walkway leading up to the giant Ferris wheel. On their way they stopped to take pictures, it was then when Sandra noticed a man walk up from behind her.

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When she turned around, she could not believe her eyes. It was Jose! In London! Standing right in front of her! So many thoughts ran through her head but all she could manage to say was “Oh my god!” She was in total shock. Jose traveled to the other side of the world for one thing, as he was standing there in front of her he said: “I have a question to ask you”. Before she could manage to say another word he dropped to one knee and asked: “Will you marry me?” He was just as nervous as she was shocked, but after a few moments, reality set in. They had just started the journey to forever and always.

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