Sandra and Jack

How We Met

Jack’s sister is my hair dresser. She would constantly tell me about him and want to set us up. At the time I wasn’t interested in a set up and told her if it was meant to be it would happen on its on. Sure enough, one night out in NYC I spotted him from across the room. I went up to him to introduce myself to tell him I knew his sister. He later came out on the dance floor, grabbed me by the hand to dance and from then we both never looked back!

how they asked

On September 12th the day of my 26th birthday, he told me to get dressed up and that he was taking me out for dinner. We arrived at the restaurant and instead of going inside, he directed me into a different building. We went to the 26th floor and onto a roof deck overlooking the Manhattan skyline. I then noticed rose petals, candles and heard violins playing our favorite song “thinking out loud” by ed sheeran.

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