Sandra and Fredy

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How We Met

Let’s go back about 11 years ago. Back to Myspace days. Yes! Myspace. So, I was around 16 years old in myspace putting selfies through my webcam and finding the perfect page layout for my Myspace. My friend Stephanie had told me that this Colombian guy added her on Myspace, that he seemed like a Spanish pretty boy – he messaged her here and there but it never went anywhere. Then, I received a friend request from him, at that moment I thought; wow what a creep! However, I still accepted his friend request. We started to talk here and there and surprisingly, he was a very cool person to talk to. Myspace messages turned into aim messages then turned into MSN messenger messages to finally turning into phone calls. Soon enough our little message back and forth turned into an online relationship – yes I made to his top 5 on Myspace and so did he on mine! You know know what means #official. Throughout us dating online, we never really saw each other, first of all we did not have cars and second of all he lived 2 hours away from me. Little by little he started to drift away a little bit and decided that it’s best for us to break up. Although this was just an online relationship, that kind of bummed me out, but I knew a long distance relationship wasn’t going to work- so I brushed it off and continued to live my life.He had his share of girlfriends and I also had my boyfriends during that time. We decided to still keep a friendship and it was actually great. I talked to him about everything! school problems, boy problems and just in general about everything. Keep in mind we still haven’t met each other.

Until one day his parents decided to come down around my town, he let me know and I asked my parents if I could invite a “friend” to dinner. I did not tell them that I met him through a website, I told them that he’s an old high school friend. They picked him up and BAM first day I officially met him! It was very awkward at first, you know having dinner with someone you’ve never met… and your parents. However, it was amazing!

Time passed and our friendship grew, I was in a real serious relationship at the time and Fredy decided to move to my hometown. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t see him THAT way anymore. He was more like a best friend. We saw each other from time to time and hung out with other friends. Fredy always had something for me, but since I was so caught up in my relationship, I didn’t really pay attention. He’s a very respectful guy, so he never even tried anything with me any time we hung out. This is what made me always love him, I knew what he felt for me but he knew that I was in a relationship and he had always respected that. I was in a 6 year relationship which ended up really toxic at the end- finally ending. At the moment, I thought I would never be able to find anyone again, I decided to make a huge jump and move to another city for an internship with the Disney company. As always, fredy and I always kept in touch- at that time he had a girlfriend which ended as well later on (not getting too much into details). When my internship was over, I went back home to start fresh, started a new job and focused on myself like I have done the past year of being single. Fast forward to 2016.. I started to hang out with Fredy even more, this is the first time we are both single together. He kept taking me out on different dates and actually asked me out a couple times to be his girlfriend. I did not feel as I was ready so I kept saying no. being the persistent person he is, he asked me out one more time- it was November 1st and I said yes to being his girlfriend! Little did I know the guy that has been with me every step of the way through my ups and downs as a friend to lean on would be my boyfriend once again.

how they asked

October 28, 2017 ..This proposal came to a complete surprise to me. My sister, Fredy and I had a vacation planned to Seattle. I’ve been always been wanting to go to Seattle- so this was pretty exciting for me. To make this story not that lengthy, We went to some amazing places in Seattle; Pikes Market, Mount Rainer and ending the day at the waterfront next tot he Ferris wheel to watch the sunset. Fredy wanted to take some pictures, so my sister grabbed the camera and started taking pictures. Then he stops and tells me “I got you a little something for our 1 year anniversary- it’s a book”. Knowing the type of guy Fredy is, I would expect cute things from him, so never in my mind did I think “He’s going to propose”. He takes out the book from his back… Yes his back! and on the cover it says “My reasons why – Love Fredy” I open up the book and start looking through the pages, he said to look at each page and actually read them. Each page had 1 thing he loved about me with drawings of two characters that resembled us. I looked at every page and that’s when I kind of froze, I knew that this was cuter than usual. When I got to the last page…. “Will you marry me” and his little character holding up a ring. That’s when he kneeled down and said “Would you marry me” … I bawled and said Yes!. It could not have been any more perfect, the sunset, the weather, the book, the ring, him and my sister being the “professional photographer” lol It was all amazing!

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